What y all mad about today

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what y all mad about today

The Unofficial Pokemon Go Trackers Guide: Finding the Rarest Pokemon and Strangest Pokestops on the Planet by Adam Clare

Much more than a player s guide, The Unofficial Pokemon Go Tracker s Guide is a one-of-a-kind look inside the weird and wonderful places PokeStops are appearing from the Pentagon to Frankenstein Castle to Iceland s Westfjords and how players around the world are embracing the world s greatest treasure hunt.
Uncover secrets of the Pokemon GO community in this first-of-its-kind, full-colour guide. Experience infamous and obscure PokeStops firsthand through the eyes of real-life Pokemon GO players just like you! See how players congregate at Central Park to catch a rare Vaporeon or kayak to the middle of Oriental Bay in New Zealand to claim hidden PokeGyms. Read about PoGo yarn bombing, moth research, and mountain climbing.
Get an inside look at the strangest PokeStop locations that are becoming hubs for rare Pokemon sightings:
- Harry Houdini s tomb
- Area 51
- A Hells Angels motorcycle club
- The White House
- The British Library
- Nicaragua s Masaya Volcano
- And more!
The Unofficial Pokemon Go Tracker s Guide features 160 pages of tips and secrets for tracking Pokemon in strange places, playful illustrations, and images of the strangest PokeStops. It s the perfect companion for Pokemon diehard fans, evangelical gamers, and shameless armchair travellers of all ages.
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Published 11.12.2018

Some of y’all bouta be real mad at me

What Y’all Mad About Today?

Today I learned that Pat McGrath, a Black woman from the UK without a rich family on television, was raised by a single mother and later worked as a receptionist and booked makeup clients on the side, slowly building her reputation into the gold standard it is today. Maybe someone ran the numbers on Kylie before they did Pat. By the way, fdtd was trending today on Tumblr, and guess what? Then stay mad. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

Why You Can’t Trust Yourself to Match Photos of Strangers’ Faces

When some of our favorite fighters have done the exact same thing. Log In Sign Up. Yall Mad Memes. That shit don't even be tasting like grapes.. And y'all mad that makes sense. I like apple but not apple flavored.

Why do you look so angry? I see it in your face. For the rest of us, it may be helpful to know that some people seem to have outsize difficulty with reading neutral faces as neutral, even if they are exceptionally accurate at interpreting other facial expressions. Over the past decade psychologists have been piecing together why this occurs. A study published in March in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that some people who grew up with parents who fought a lot never learned to properly read those in-between faces, perhaps because they spent so much time watching out for signs of conflict. It has also been shown that adults who were exposed to violence, neglect or physical abuse in childhood are more likely to see hostility where there is none.


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