Movie about flooding a town

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movie about flooding a town

Under the Lake by Stuart Woods

In the beautiful mountains of North Georgia lies a lake built by an obsessed man at a terrible price. This placid body of water has brought prosperity to an isolated community, and with it, two strangers who intermingle with the insular local folk, strangers probing into crimes against nature from generations past that cannot remain submerged beneath the waters’ surface.

Under the Lake marks the eagerly awaited return to the South of Stuarts Edgar Award winning novel, Chiefs. John Howell, once a top investigative journalist, comes to this backcountry town on the run from a once promising personal and professional life that has somehow gone sour. What he finds is a mystery so deep, so complex, so bizarre, that he cannot concentrate on the book he has come here to write.

The story begins with his entanglement in a subtle, but relentless battle waged by the autocratic town father and the local sheriff against an outcast family, ravaged by its origins. Howell is further drawn in by his involvement with two women – an ambitious young reporter on the prowl for corruption, and a shy backwoods beauty, forsaken by the world because of her family’s ill kept secret. Then, without warning, visits from an otherworldly young girl haunt Howell as his rustic cabin becomes a spectral theater offering strange and frightening images of a hideous event of long ago.
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THE FLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Lena Headey, Iain Glen Movie HD

Starring Scott Wickware (the hard hat worker from Welcome to Dead House), this film tells the story of a flood wreaking havoc on a small Mississippi town, and.
Stuart Woods

Rambo redux, as a homemade, one-man, no-budget movie

Hard Rain is a action-thriller disaster film produced by Mark Gordon , written by Graham Yost , and directed by former cinematographer -turned director Mikael Salomon. The plot centers around a heist and man-made treachery amidst a natural disaster in a small Indiana town. During a heavy rainstorm armored truck drivers Tom Christian Slater and his uncle Charlie Edward Asner are collecting money from banks in the town of Huntingburg, Indiana , which has been evacuated due to flooding. Charlie calls the National Guard and is shot dead by Kenny as Tom escapes and hides the cash in a cemetery. The gang chases Tom who takes refuge in a nearby church, where he is mistaken for a looter by Karen Minnie Driver who knocks him out. Karen pushes Phil out of the boat to return to protect the church, which she is restoring. The town's dam operator Hank Wayne Duvall is forced to open a spillway floodgate causing a large wave and deeper flooding.

Dressed in a camouflage-print T-shirt, jeans and black leather boots, he was addressing two dozen people slumped on low beige sofas arranged around the room's four walls, on each of which was mounted a video-projection screen. The line got a chuckle: that night's feature attraction, which would shortly be projected simultaneously on to all four screens, was made possible only by Oberzan's failure to leave the house. Unsurprisingly, giggling greeted some of the film's early sequences — it takes a little readjustment, after all, to accept a scene as taking place in a police station when its star is standing against a brick kitchen wall between a fridge and a framed picture of Simon and Garfunkel. Nor is it immediately obvious that a running tap represents a waterfall, a toaster a police radio or a bathtub a riverbed. The blue-screen effects could also be described as less than photorealistic. But the film does offer genuinely impressive split-screen shots, potent use of ambient sound effects, strong editing and heartfelt performances.

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Charlotte Duncan Russell was 8 years old when clouds of eye-stinging smoke drifted over the Sacandaga River Valley. - From beginning to end, I was acutely aware of actors being paid to stand in cold water. Suspension of my disbelief in this case would have required psychotropic medications.

Flood is a British disaster film from , directed by Tony Mitchell. A storm surge travels between the United Kingdom and mainland Europe , raising sea levels and coinciding with the spring tide. Several parts of Scotland are devastated, including Wick. The Met Office 's head forecaster, Keith Hopkins, mistakenly believes the storm will head towards Holland and is guilt-ridden by Deputy Prime Minister Campbell when he becomes annoyed by the failed forecasts. Professor Leonard Morrison proves that the approaching surge of water will break through the Thames Barrier and flood central London in the next 3 hours. Leonard had focused his life around the belief that the barrier was built in the wrong area, and turned his now apologetic son Rob into a bitter man.


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