Unusual facts about robert burns

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unusual facts about robert burns

Robert Burns Quotes (Author of Poems and Songs)

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Published 12.12.2018

Top ten facts about Robert Burns

Jan 25, Here we reveal 18 interesting facts about Robert Burns. 1 Robert Burns was born on January 25, , in Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Robert Burns: Sixteen little known facts

The 25 th January marks the annual celebration of Burns Night - a time to celebrate Scotland's favourite son, and world renowned poet and song writer Robert Burns. The Mother's Club held the very first Burns Supper on what they thought was his birthday, January 29 , only to discover that his birthday was actually January 25 The next Burns Supper, and all that followed have been held on January Despite leading a busy life, and accomplishing so much as a poet, Robert Burns died at the tender age of 37 of rheumatic fever. Known as somewhat of a ladies man, Burns fathered 12 children to 4 different women. His last born child, Maxwell, was born on the same day as his funeral 25 July

Development as a poet

The traditional supper includes a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties, whisky and reciting poetry written by the 18th century poet. A statue honours Robert Burns in his birthplace of Dumfries. Pic credit: P.

He was also famous for his amours and his rebellion against orthodox religion and morality. It was watching his father being thus beaten down that helped to make Robert both a rebel against the social order of his day and a bitter satirist of all forms of religious and political thought that condoned or perpetuated inhumanity. He received some formal schooling from a teacher as well as sporadically from other sources. He acquired a superficial reading knowledge of French and a bare smattering of Latin, and he read most of the important 18th-century English writers as well as Shakespeare , Milton , and Dryden. Proud, restless, and full of a nameless ambition, the young Burns did his share of hard work on the farm. He took sides against the dominant extreme Calvinist wing of the church in Ayrshire and championed a local gentleman, Gavin Hamilton , who had got into trouble with the kirk session a church court for Sabbath breaking.


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    He's Scotland's favourite son, and his work is admired across the world and beyond but here are some little known facts about the Bard.

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