A few things about me

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a few things about me

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Published 12.12.2018

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A Few Things About Me

A things I figured about myself. One fine day I was blog-strolling and read this post: 55 things about me. And was instantly charged to make my own. After rambling on for few weeks I came up with this short list. It is far from complete, but sketches me pretty well. If nothing else, you should write down yours in your own little private book. It's a good introspective exercise.

We can say many things--good and bad--but we all want to be able to say things that will make us feel good about ourselves and our influence on others. If you want to be successful, if you want to be happy, if you want to be healthy, the way to cultivate that life is to know you are living a life that is meaningful. Life is short and everyone has something that they are passionate about. Be able to say that you didn't let fear hold you back. The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

2. I believe in myself.

From my current vantage point I can firmly say that they were amongst the very best things that ever happened to me. That said, I hope, more than anything, that I never experience a third. Depression brought me to my knees, and it kept me there for a long time. I was off work for five months during my first illness, four months for my second. I was surviving. But only just. There were many, many times when I felt my story was over.

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