Books about healthy food for preschoolers

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books about healthy food for preschoolers

Good Enough to Eat: A Kids Guide to Food and Nutrition by Lizzy Rockwell

Did you know that Carbohydrates supply most of the energy your body uses? You should drink at least 5 glasses of water every day? The mineral iron is found in foods cooked in iron pans? 3 slices of bread contain 200 calories? Jam-packed with fascinating facts such as the ones above, Good Enough to Eat is uniquely designed to satisfy kids love of food, and their curiosity about how their bodies work.

This book offers all of the basics found in an adult nutrition guide in a format designed specifically for kids. Lizzy Rockwell has filled Good Enough to Eat with funny speech bubbles, detailed illustrations, and an engaging cast of children who munch their way across the pages while explaining everything from why your body needs protein to the food pyramid and how to use it. Youll even find hands-on experiments that test food for fat and reveal the differences between starch and sweet carbohydrates, and recipes using the nutritious foods that children need in their daily diet.
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Kids! Small Steps to a Healthy You

Books open up new worlds to both kids and adults, spark the imagination and inspire adventure.
Lizzy Rockwell

Books About Healthy Eating

Teaching your children to eat healthy can be a tricky task, but engaging books that speak their language can steer them in the right direction. The colorful pages introduce children to a wide range of nutritious foods, from apples and bananas to kumquats and rutabagas. A comprehensive glossary gives parents the tools to tackle tricky questions about the history and characteristics of each fruit and vegetable. This is the perfect book to help do just that! Bring on the giggles with the antics of Gregory, The Terrible Eater — a goat with a peculiar penchant for fruits and veggies over typical goat fare like flat tires and broken violins.

My grandmother has always been way ahead of her time in terms of nutrition. When everyone else was guzzling sugary sodas, she was drinking water with lemon and green tea. As an elementary school teacher, she believed it was never too early to start teaching kids about healthy nutrition, and I agree. Add to Bag. A child who grows a tomato is much more likely to be excited about eating that tomato, sun hot from the garden. This book shows the garden cycle, and also includes a healthy recipe for vegetable soup!


My older daughter was a phenomenal eater for the first two years of her life and happily consumed pretty much anything we gave her oh, what excellent parents we thought we were. This clever alphabet book, along with Mrs. Peanuckle's Fruit Alphabet , is a perfect way to explore new and unusual produce. You can also extend the fun by turning it into a treasure hunt the next time you go the grocery store! Jack wants a pancake for breakfast, but there are a lot of steps to gather all the ingredients. You may need to make some green eggs after reading this one! Who wants to grow ugly vegetables when you could be growing flowers instead?


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