Books about norse mythology fiction

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books about norse mythology fiction

Popular Norse Fiction Books

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Favorite Books Based on Mythology!

Novels on Norse Gods

This subreddit is for fans of Audible, the online audiobook service. We welcome any discussions of Audible including discussion of audiobooks and sales. What are some mythology books like Norse mythology by Neil Gaiman? Does nine know of any books about mythology like the gaiman book? I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller and it's fantastic! It's not a collection of mythos exactly, but follows the daughter of Helios as she encounters Greek Gods, monsters, and characters from other Greek stories.

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May 14, 6 min read. How did you learn about Norse mythology? For me, it was from books. My house is full of books that talk about different types of mythology. I even went to college to learn more about the best mythology books.


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    10 Books Inspired By Norse Mythology That Make For Perfect Winter Reading

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