Interesting facts about robots for kids

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interesting facts about robots for kids

Hubots: Real-World Robots Inspired by Humans by Helaine Becker

Using increasingly sophisticated levels of artificial intelligence (AI) and embodied intelligence (EI), a new generation of robots is being designed to look, act and even think like humans. Hubots, or human-inspired robots, are expanding the boundaries of what robots can do. Here, ten different real-life hubots are described, highlighting each ones appearance, unique skills and purpose --- from fighting fires on the high seas, to acting as setup crew for space colonies, to providing companionship for the elderly. The book also includes an illustrated graph of the uncanny valley, which shows us what distinguishes a friendly robot from a creepy one, and back matter that provides a closer examination of some of the robots physical components and looks to the future of these fascinating machines.

The creators of the popular Zoobots bring to life the groundbreaking robotics technology thats changing the world. Award-winning author Helaine Becker uses short paragraphs and accessible vocabulary to present a book that will appeal to even the most reluctant readers. Hyperrealistic illustrations by Alex Ries enhance the interest level of the material for children, especially those who love all things that are weird, unfamiliar and futuristic. Reference tools include a glossary and an index. This topic spans science, technology, inventions and engineering lessons. It also provides a terrific jumping-off point for classroom discussions about the larger societal issues surrounding these cutting-edge robots.
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Robots For Kids: 5 Fast Facts

Robot facts for kids

Robotics is the science and study of robots. Imagine if your job was to tighten one screw on a toaster. And you did this over and over again on toaster after toaster, day after day, for weeks, months, or years. This kind of job is better done by robots than by humans. Most robots today are used to do repetitive actions or jobs considered too dangerous for humans.

A robot can be defined as a machine operated by computer programs that can perform small actions. They can be programmed to do various things. The field in which we study robots is known as Robotics. Mostly robots are used to do jobs that involve repetitive actions or dangerous jobs that cannot be done by humans. You must have watched sci-fi movies and are surely fascinated with those robotic characters, but real life robots are way different from those extra smart machines. Declan, Tobin. Tobin, Declan.

A robot is an artificial agent , meaning it acts as a substitute for a person, doing things it is designed for. Robots are usually machines controlled by a computer program or electronic circuitry. They may be directly controlled by humans. They may be designed to look like humans, in which case their behaviour may suggest intelligence or thought. Most robots do a specific job, and they do not look like humans. They can come in many forms.

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A robot is a machine or a computer program which seems to have a life of its own. They can come in many forms. Many people think that a robot:. There are many books , movies , and video games with robots in them. People have been interested in building machines to do work for us for a long time. But it takes time and money to build just one machine, so early ideas stayed ideas, or were built to make rich people laugh.

Skip to content. Photo: Jacob Buffo. They deployed and retrieved the robot via a inch diameter hole through 20 meters of ice and another meters of water to the sea floor. The robotic vehicle, called Icefin, carried a scientific payload capable of measuring ocean conditions under the ice. Ayanna Howard is using this friendly robot to interact with children with disabilities. Photo: Rob Felt.


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    A robot can be defined as a machine operated by computer programs. A particular field in which, we study about robots is known as Robotics.

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