The truth about hair loss and baldness cures

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the truth about hair loss and baldness cures

The TRUTH about Hair Loss: What You Need to Know about Your Hair, Treatment, and Prevention by Robert Richard

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Published 13.12.2018

Are there any proven treatments for combatting hair loss?

Hair loss, common for men and many women in midlife, can have profound emotional and psychological effects.
Robert Richard

Christopher Labos: The bald truth about hair-loss treatments

Reversing hair loss is notoriously difficult, but a new study may bring scientists one step closer to solving the hair loss puzzle. Those eager to reverse a receding hairline can choose from a few solutions. Hair transplants are a costly but permanent option. Topical solutions that promote hair growth, but at inconsistent rates, are another option. That term alone provides clues to its illusive cure. Hair loss is the result of both hormonal and hereditary factors. The truth is, hair loss is still a bit of a mystery, said Dr.

In the tunnels under New York, commuters squeeze into lumbering trains and try not to make eye contact with the people whose sweaty bodies are pressed against theirs. The ads are for a company called Hims, an online seller of the drugs finasteride and minoxidil known by the trade names Propecia and Rogaine. The marketing copy implies there has been some sort of breakthrough in the science of hair loss. But Propecia and Rogaine have been available for decades. They have proved modestly effective at slowing hair loss, but they cannot entirely prevent or reverse it. The physiology of balding has long vexed even the most entrepreneurial of scientists.

Hair loss, common for men and many women in midlife, can have profound emotional and psychological effects. So, too, can baldness cures.
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While decapitation is widely considered to be a suboptimal outcome in any situation, hair loss is also consistently reported as being a source of great stress for anyone who suffers from it. While some men — e. Patrick Stewart — can exude raw charisma with a bald head, the psychological impact of hair loss is significant and tends to affect women more intensely than men. Unsurprisingly, treating hair loss is a big business and I recently got an e-mail from a reader asking me if platelet-rich plasma PRP actually works since it is so widely marketed and apparently very popular. PRP is made of plasma , the liquid portion of your blood minus the blood cells.


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