About a boy marcus character analysis

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about a boy marcus character analysis

About a Boy by Nick Hornby

How cool was Will Freeman?

Too cool! At thirty-six, hes as hip as a teenager. Hes single, child-free, goes to the right clubs and knows which trainers to wear. Hes also found a great way to score with women: attend single parents groups full of available (and grateful) mothers, all hoping to meet a Nice Guy.

Which is how Will meets Marcus, the oldest twelve-year-old on the planet. Marcus is a bit strange: he listens to Joni Mitchell and Mozart, looks after his mum and has never owned a pair of trainers. But Marcus latches on to Will - and wont let go. Can Will teach Marcus how to grow up cool? And can Marcus help Will just to grow up?
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Anime Character Analysis: Bling Bling Boy

About a Boy Characters

Blumm Gast. Verfasst am: Hey Ho, wie im Betreff steht brauch ne recht umfangreiche Characterisierung ca. Ich hab mir schon etliche Stunden mit dem Buch und Hilfen um den Kopf geschlagen aber komm einfach nicht so recht weiter. Wirklich garnichts? Nick Hornby: About a Boy A.

Character Analysis

Lately, though, Marcus has been turning to his new older friend Will for life advice. - Hugh Grant , who has a good line in charm, has never been more charming than in "About a Boy.

Will is in his mid-thirties and enjoys a bachelor lifestyle in London. Despite his frequent dates and dalliances with women, he is happily single and maintains that he would not be able to share his life with someone else; after all, he is 'the star of the Will Show! Will lives a luxurious life without needing to work due to a lucrative Christmas hit by his father. Essentially, Will is incredibly self centered and unable to connect with other people. However, it is his unusual friendship with Marcus that teaches him to be more accepting and selfless. Marcus is twelve years old and lives with his mum.

Marcus is the novel's boy genius, and somewhat tragic figure, who has a hard time relating to other people. His pretty stupid attack on Sal starts a series of events that eventually lead to Sal's injury in the streets that day — and to Marcus' own death Chapter Marcus's character makes us seriously consider the consequences of senseless violence and helps us realize the value of empathy and compassion. Marcus, egghead that he is, is also the character in the novel most closely associated with time and time travel. His conversation with Miranda in Chapter 14 is crucial to our understanding of how the novel thinks about time: "Einstein says common sense is just habit of thought. It's how we're used to thinking about things, but a lot of the time it just gets in the way.


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