Dream about being on a boat in rough seas

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dream about being on a boat in rough seas

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Published 13.12.2018

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If in your dream you are on a ship at sea, this indicates that you will have more initiative. Being in a ship or boat on a rough sea foretells dangerous business.

Ships or Boats Dream Meaning

It is known that boats and ships have a lot of meanings in our dreams. Actually, they symbolize our mind and our subconscious thoughts and wishes. In this article we will talk about the meanings that boats may have in our dreams. We use boat to move through the water, which symbolizes our personality moving through the life. But, there are always some other elements and circumstances in your dream that should also be taken into account. You should consider many details about the boat, its condition, the crew, etc. When dreaming about boats, you may feel happy, relaxed and content, but you may also be afraid and worried.

Dreaming about being on a boat on a beautiful day. If you dreamed about being on a boat on a lovely day, when the water was calm and clear, such a dream is.
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Boats in dreams could have different meanings. They are often connected with our emotions and the way we express them. For the interpretation of the dream it is important to pay attention to the state of the water the boat was in as well as how you felt during the dream. A dream about boats could also reveal how you control your emotions. It could also indicate your way of dealing with your problems. Dreaming of a boat — If you dreamed of a boat that is usually a very good sign.


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