Its all about love full movie

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its all about love full movie

Its About Love by Steven Camden

Real life is messier than the movies. A bold, thought-provoking novel from the exceptionally talented, Steven Camden.

Hes Luke. Shes Leia.

Just like in Star Wars. Just like they’re made for each other. Same film studies course, different backgrounds, different ends of town.

Only this isnt a film. This is real life. This is where monsters from the past come back to take revenge. This is where you are sometimes the monster.

But real life? Sometimes, only sometimes, it turns out just like in the movies…

… maybe.
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Published 13.12.2018

It's all about love --ice ballet scene--

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In the not-so-distant future of , a looming ice age is messing with the gravitational pull over Uganda and the hearts of callous New Yorkers. John Joaquin Phoenix arrives in the Big Apple, looking for his wife, ice-skating phenom Elena Claire Danes, more successful than Phoenix at getting passed her mostly in-and-out Polish accent , to sign their divorce papers. But the mafia catches up to them, and because Elena has developed a serious heart condition, her money-minded superiors decide to have her cloned—not once but four times. Just as the global catastrophes encountered in the film fail to illuminate existing issues in the world, the relationship between Phoenix and Danes is a stillborn one. Impossibly glossy, the film claims to be all about love but its heart never makes a beat. While its characters may appear to be, and often behave as, stereotypical rednecks and bumbling small-town cops, the film approaches them not with contempt, but with a bemused kind of empathy, finding a very human vulnerability lurking beneath their strange and oafish behaviors.

Its narrative can be classified as apocalyptic science fiction , but Vinterberg prefers to call it "a dream". The production was led by Denmark's Nimbus Film , but the film was largely an international co-production, with involvement of companies from nine different countries in total. It was very poorly received by film critics. The film was written, directed, and produced by Thomas Vinterberg over a period of five years. It was produced through Nimbus Film.

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This cool, contemplative, artfully composed meditation on the possible state of the world some 20 years hence deals with grand, philosophical issues in ways that are variously thoughtful, fanciful and superficial. Vinterberg has put one foot in the romantic thriller genre here, no doubt in the hope that time-tested Hitchcockian narrative tropes will supply enough dramatic oomph to make this ambitious undertaking a commercial picture. At the same time, the most ardent admirers of the raw, truth-telling qualities of Dogma will no doubt be disappointed by the traditional brand of beautiful craftsmanship on display here. What single story could they possibly invent that would organically and excitingly convey their urgent thoughts on cloning, multinational corporate control over artists, global winter, the transient nature of modern life, the death of love and the possible loss of gravity from a hole in the sky over Africa that causes Ugandans to float upward? Above all, the filmmakers are rather touchingly devoted to the theme of the difficulty of maintaining individuality in the technological world, a legitimate and sympathetic subject that gives the picture its one point of emotional entry. Plot hinges on whether a couple will, on the brink of divorce, find a way to reconnect and remain together. Elena is surrounded by a huge staff of managers, marketing execs and flunkies, and while John is greeted cordially by her inner circle and welcomed into the burnished Old World-style cocoon they occupy, Elena is distracted and something seems amiss.

It is the sign of a truly great filmmaker when he can go from one end of the cinematic spectrum to the other, following a distinctive film with one which is its very opposite. Now Thomas Vinterberg has tried to join - or should that be gate-crash? With It's All About Love he thoroughly rejects the Dogme aesthetic of dark, bare minimalism he used to such effect in Festen, and replaces it with extravagance in terms of look, narrative style, themes and cast. Here everything is about surface appearance, while there seems to be precious little beneath. Like Wim Wenders' feature Until The End Of The World, this is a near-future, sci-fi love story which is ultimately too ambitious and plain weird for its own good, and too often comes off just looking ridiculous. Things are not helped by Claire Danes, Joaquin Phoenix and Sean Penn doing woeful Polish accents, and almost every American role being played by Brits who are hardly more convincing.


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    It's All About Love is the story of two lovers and their attempts to save their relationship in a near-future See full summary» .. The film takes place in

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    It's All About Love is a romance-drama film written and directed by Thomas Vinterberg. Its narrative can be classified as apocalyptic science fiction, but.

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    What to do when you love someone too much high school football romance books

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    21. I’m So Excited! (2013)

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