Books about female friendship nonfiction

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books about female friendship nonfiction

Books about Female Friendship (103 books)

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Published 14.12.2018

Absence of Girl + Girl Friendships in YA Books?

Books about Female Friendship

When I was a middle schooler, trying to understand the sometimes tricky business of having girlfriends, I turned to books like Harriet the Spy and Are You There God? What never changed was my need to see my personal experience—especially my female friendships—reflected back to me through literature. As a journalist, I wanted to use my reporting background to understand why my friends sometimes acted in strange and mysterious ways, while other friends were steadfastly supportive and kind. Swing Time, by Zadie Smith, gave valuable insight on the competitiveness of girls. In The Color Purple , I learned how rivalry and love can create an enduring relationship between two friends. These novels struck a chord with me, but reading about these things happening to someone else gave me a sense of control as well.

However, as is bound to happen, most books in this genre do not bring anything new to the table. Marlena by Julie Buntin. This devastating and gorgeously written novel is about the ill-fated friendship of Cat and Marlena. Impressionable and lonely, she makes friends with the older and troubled Marlena. The Burning Girl by Claire Messud. Messud intricately explores the fraught friendship between Julie and Cassie, growing up and apart in small-town Massachusetts. This layered story grasps the psychological complexity of bonds forged in childhood and the unexpected way in which they evolve with time.

Want to print your favorite book lists? Subscribe now! This post may include affiliate links. That means if you click and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Here is the prompt:. Three ways to join in this week! They can be harder to maintain because of this, and time and distance sometimes seem to have no effect on the strength of a friendship.

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I chose titles from a variety of genres, but the common theme is they show the power of strong female friendships. What are your favorite books celebrating strong female friendships? I was getting worried Anne was not there until I reached the end! This is such a lovely list. The invisibles caught my eye, I just got it!!

What do women in novels do? Well, other than being relegated to the margins as minor characters, involved in a bitter love triangle or sexualised for a male protagonist, they have little role in many books, especially those written by men. A recent study says women were more well represented in Victorian novels than modern ones. The bar for the Bechdel test is as low as two women characters talking to each other about something other than a man, and yet the number of novels that pass it are pitiable. Healthy friendships between women in fiction are a rarity, but then there are debut novels like Gather the Daughters, a relevant read for today, in the wake of the solidarity between women in the MeToo movement. Writing clubs, soirees and summer also seem to be popular settings for women to forge deep friendships. Here are some new-ish releases that feature women who see each other through the good times and the bad.

Friendships between women — especially among groups of women, where tendrils of energy and intuition entwine and collide like the offshoots of willful plants — seem to come with so many attendant complications. Ideally, everyone is growing toward and reaching for the same sun. What happens when petty resentments become destructive lesions, or when envy chokes off reason? The promise women have made to one another, once unspoken but now a kind of noisy anthem, is that all women must support one another, all the time. Because women are people, and conflict between people is inevitable. Familiarity may nourish intimacy, but it can also breed that other thing, as damaging to a friendship as drought is to greenery. Luckily, we have fiction to help us sort through these issues vicariously.


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