Much ado about nothing beatrice and benedick scene

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much ado about nothing beatrice and benedick scene

Beatrice and Benedick by Marina Fiorato

Hidden in the language of Shakespeares best-loved comedy Much Ado About Nothing, are several clues to an intriguing tale. It seems that the witty lovers Beatrice and Benedick had a previous youthful love affair which ended bitterly. But how did they meet, why did they part, and what brought them together again?

Messina, Sicily, 1588. Beatrice of Mantua comes to the court of her uncle Leonato, to be companion to his daughter, Hero. That fateful summer, Spanish lordling Don Pedro visits for a month-long sojourn on the island with his regiment. In his company is the young soldier Benedick of Padua.

Benedick and Beatrice begin to wage their merry war of wit, which masks the reality that they dance a more serious measure, and the two are soon deeply in love. But the pair are cruelly parted by natural disaster and man-made misunderstanding. Oceans apart, divided by war and slander, Beatrice and Benedick begin their ten-year odyssey back to Messina and each other.

In a journey that takes us from sunlit Sicily to the crippled Armada fleet and from ancient superstition to the glorious Renaissance cities of the north, Marina Fiorato tells a story of intrigue, treachery and betrayal that will shed a new light on Shakespeares most appealing lovers.
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Benedick's poem - Much Ado About Nothing - HD - GR/EN subs

A complete list of scenes (with locations & characters) in Much Ado About Nothing. (Leonato; Hero; Beatrice; Messenger; Don Pedro; Claudio; Benedick; .
Marina Fiorato

Much Ado About Nothing Scenes

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in and , as Shakespeare was approaching the middle of his career. The play was included in the First Folio , published in By means of "noting" which, in Shakespeare's day, sounded similar to "nothing" as in the play's title, [1] [2] and which means gossip, rumour, and overhearing , Benedick and Beatrice are tricked into confessing their love for each other, and Claudio is tricked into rejecting Hero at the altar on the erroneous belief that she has been unfaithful. At the end, Benedick and Beatrice join forces to set things right, and the others join in a dance celebrating the marriages of the two couples. In Messina , a messenger brings news that Don Pedro, a prince from Aragon , will return that night from a successful battle, Claudio being among his soldiers.

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Don John tells Conrade that he hates his brother, Don Pedro. Leonato, Antonio, Beatrice, and Hero prepare for a celebration. Don John realises that his plans have been undone, and that Claudio and Hero will marry. Benedick asserts that he will not fall in love unless he meets the perfect woman. After they leave, Benedick realises that he loves Beatrice. Beatrice is shocked to discover that she loves Benedick, too. Claudio and Don Pedro observe that Benedick has smartened his appearance for Beatrice.


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