Paul sellers workbench cut list

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paul sellers workbench cut list

Working Wood 1 & 2: The Artisan Course with Paul Sellers by Paul Sellers

This series represents the distilled experience and knowledge, developed over 47 years, of Woodworker and Master Craftsman, Paul Sellers. His remarkable journey saw him learn his trade as a traditional apprentice in England during in the 1960s, and then progress, many years later, to design and make furniture for American Presidents.

The clarity of Pauls teaching is quite exceptional. Founded on twenty years experience during which he has taught over 3,000 woodworkers, the series progressively introduces new skills and techniques through projects, and then reinforces and expands on these through as the reader and viewer progresses further. With over 800 color photos, diagrams and illustrations in the book and extensive use of close-ups in the videos, every stage and technique clearly is clearly explained and discussed.

This comprehensive course in hand tool woodworking is perfect for beginners, just starting out, and is also invaluable resource for more advanced woodworkers to develop their skills and knowledge further.

The first part of the series introduces the mantra of sharpness, accuracy, technique. Focusing on the essential joints and hand tools.

Part 2 is all about truly mastering the core skills through a series of hand built projects. Focusing on each of the three joints in turn, you will learn to master dovetailed boxes, bookcase making and the principles of table making. By using a combination of these joints, you will learn how to make your own European Workbench. Central to this entire course is a very thorough and comprehensive explanation of how to sharpen your tools, simply and quickly.

Most importantly, this series will teach you how, with just a few groups of basic hand tools, you will be able to make hundreds of projects, and acquire the skill and confidence of a real Artisan.

Note. The DVD collection that accompanies this book is also available on Amazon under Film & TV.

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How to Make a Workbench Episode 4 - Paul Sellers


I have two tiny workbenches in a attic with a sloping roof. I can stand for about 2 feet if I am just under the peak. The benches are old workbenches that look to be from a school or the university. One had a tail vise with out a screw, it worked on a cam lock mechanism. I added a Record vise to the other bench and that helped significantly in my trying to cut dovetails.

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Show off Your Handcrafted Projects. It's Free! Start Sharing. In May of after a year of watching woodworking videos on YouTube and falling in love with the idea of working wood with hand tools only the way grandpa used to do it , I decided to jump in with both feet. By this time I had assembled a minimalist set of hand tools and I got to work.


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