Gossip girl quotes about friendship

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gossip girl quotes about friendship

Gossip Girl Quotes (26 quotes)

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Gossip Girl Family & Friends-By Your Side

Gossip Girl is notorious for teenage drama, scheming, and the ups and downs of life on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Throughout the six seasons of the show, characters naturally drifted away from one another and fell back together as the drama proceeded. Following the likes of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf around New York City is nothing short of exciting, but there are some duos from the show that weren't always as fun to watch.

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The relationship between Chuck and Serena , also known by the portmanteau Cherena , is the platonic relationship between Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen. They are very close friends and siblings. Serena plays a great role as Chuck's step-sister; often confiding and giving Chuck guidance during his hardships. In the books, Serena and Chuck hook up for 3 weeks until gossip girl finds out and creates an eblast and Nate finds out. Throughout the first couple of Seasons both Serena and Chuck have minimal interaction with one another. Often Chuck plays sexual games and flirts with Serena's affections. Just like Blair , Chuck criticizes and disapproves of Serena's relationship with Dan Humphrey who he views, not only as an Outsider, but someone that has intentionally hurt him.

Email address:. Blair Waldorf is the main character in all versions of the popular series Gossip Girl. And as the lead, she is given some of the best quotes and dialogue in the entire series. The series officially ended in , but after binge watching some episodes on Netflix recently, we remembered how many memorable lines her character had over the shows 6 season run. Our thought: One of her most classic lines. It perfectly sums up how people settle for less in relationships. Not now.

If you haven't seen Gossip Girl, are you actually even a millennial? The first episode aired on Sept. Yes, you read that right: It's Gossip Girl 's 10 year anniversary. It was not successful , and it was the reason all BFFs and duos across the country start un-ironically calling each other "S" and "B" for no reason other than the fact that Blair and Serena did it, so it was cool. Blair and Serena were the ultimate duo, and you couldn't help but want to be like them.

If you haven't seen Gossip Girl, are you actually even a millennial? No, but really -- the television show was a popular culture phenomenon for.
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Has anybody not heard about Gossip Girl? If you haven't, this show is a teen drama series based on the book series with the same title written by Cecily von Ziegesar about the life of the elites on New York's upper east side. The seres aired on the CW channel. As a bonus, I've inserted some pretty photos, too. Chuck: What else is there? The true reason I should stay right where I am and not get in the car. Three words.


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