Who invented vodka russia or poland

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who invented vodka russia or poland

History of Vodka by В.В. Похлёбкин

Savored by peasants and Tsars, condemned by clerics and the architects of perestroika, vodka has been the joy and scourge of the Russian nation for centuries. But what are the origins of the Russians’ favorite drink? Did vodka emerge as an authentic national discovery from the brewing-shops of the monasteries of medieval Russia, or was the secret of its preparation imported from elsewhere? When was it that people first experienced vodka’s now famed property of “knocking drinkers off their feet?”

With formidable scholarship and considerable dry wit, William Pokhlebkin, one of Russia’s best-known historians, sets out on the detective trail. His aim: to reveal the strange truth about his country’s most famous tipple. The result is a triumph of historical deduction. As he uncovers the social, economic and technical background to the emergence of vodka, and indeed tells us how and with what the spirit should be drunk, the author creates an unconventional but true-to-life portrait of the society and social psychology that gave birth to today’s Russia. He argues that those who have controlled the vodka stills have controlled the density of Russia—first the Boyars, then the Tsars, and in this century the Bolsheviks. In Pokhlebkin’s view Gorbachev unwisely attempted to suppress vodka, allowing the Mafia to seize control of its production and distribution. Perestroika was thus doomed.

Pokhlebkin believes that both prohibitionism and drunkenness are scourges which encourage one another. He insists that vodka itself doesn’t make people drunk, only irresponsible and uncultured ways of consuming it. A History of Vodka is the work not only of a fine scholar but of a passionate advocate of the virtues of vodka and a stern critic of those who have misused it.
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How to handle Polish vodka shots -- Poland - Russia Road-trip day 18

And when it comes to vodka drinking, the Poles have nailed it. Things Poland is famous for: Marie Curie, Frederic Chopin , Copernicus, and being the home of some of the last few remaining European bison, of course. Beware: it makes those shots go down real easy!
В.В. Похлёбкин


It is composed primarily of water and ethanol , but sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings. Traditionally it is made by distilling the liquid from cereal grains or potatoes that have been fermented , though some modern brands use fruits or sugar as the base. Vodka is traditionally drunk " neat " or "straight" not mixed with water, ice, or other mixer , although it is often served freezer chilled in the vodka belt of Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine. The word vodka was recorded for the first time in in Akta Grodzkie , [9] the court documents from the Palatinate of Sandomierz in Poland. The word vodka written in Cyrillic appeared first in , in relation to a medicinal drink brought from Poland to Russia by the merchants of Kievan Rus'.

The birthplace of vodka is a hotly contested issue. Poles and Russians have been arguing for centuries over who first created it. CherkaskaPoland, is accepted by most to be the birthplace of vodka but it was only in the later part of the Russian Empire. Today, it is right in the heart of Central Ukraine — and is now called Cherkasy. Interestingly, Slava is produced here. Poland had very convincing anthropological and archaeological evidence that vodka was invented in a place called Cherkaska. This region was on the south-eastern fringe of the massive Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


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