Line of control of india

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line of control of india

The Line of Control: Travelling with the Indian and Pakistani Armies by Happymon Jacob

Happymon Jacob was given the unique opportunity to see the border between India and Pakistan from both sides. He travelled with the armies of both countries and could study what is effectively the ground zero—the location where entrenched animosities as well as sudden surges of comradeship are enacted. This is one of the most fortified places on the planet.

Jacob writes, I was keen on getting into their world, the world of men in uniform, fighting each other and yet respecting each other. It was a curious world. It had breath-taking adventure, mind-blowing stories and unforgettable heroism. I loved it, and I was welcome.

This vividly told, fast paced narrative brings the border area to life. Jacob was given unprecedented access by the Indian and Pakistani armies and he explores how the border is seen—both in the popular imagination and by those who exist in its shadow. He chronicles the lives of civilians and soldiers, their courage and resilience in the face of constant danger and the extraordinary similarities between the two sides.
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Shelling on Pakistan side of the Kashmir Line of Control

Line of Control

Low graphics Accessibility help. News services Your news when you want it. News Front Page. Click on the maps below. Scenario one: The status quo Kashmir has been a flashpoint between India and Pakistan for more than 50 years. Currently a boundary - the Line of Control - divides the region in two, with one part administered by India and one by Pakistan.

Fear, panic grips residents in the heavily militarised zone on both sides of the de facto Kashmir border. Thousands of villagers living along the heavily militarised Line of Control LoC dividing Pakistan- and Indian-administered Kashmir have migrated to safer places in fear of artillery fire exchanges across the border. Earlier this month, Pakistan accused India of using cluster munitions that killed a four-year-old boy and a woman. Tensions spiked earlier this week when the Indian government revoked the special status of Indian-administered Kashmir in its constitution. A presidential decree issued on Monday revoked Article of India's constitution, which guaranteed special rights to the Muslim-majority state, including the right to its own constitution and autonomy to make laws on all matters, except defence, communications and foreign affairs. Authorities said an estimated 20, people left their homes over the past week when Indian artillery spread panic in the Neelum Valley on the Pakistan side of the LoC. In Chakothi, a town near the LoC, people said most did not have the resources to build bunkers or move to safer places.

Northern Command Parachute Regiment. On 29 September , India announced that it conducted " surgical strikes " against militant launch pads across the Line of Control in Pakistani-administered Kashmir , and inflicted "significant casualties". Pakistan rejected this claim, [17] stating that Indian troops did not cross the Line of Control and had only skirmished with Pakistani troops at the border, resulting in the deaths of two Pakistani soldiers and nine wounded. Media outlets noted that the details regarding the "attack" were still unclear. India's announcement of the claimed raid on 29 September marked the first time that the government had publicly acknowledged its forces crossing the Line of Control, amidst skepticism and disputing accounts.

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Close to terrorists are at terror launch pads near the Line of Control - double that in the last three years -- waiting to infiltrate into India, and the military is ready to response "at any level, any range, anywhere", sources said on Monday. That it had been done now and not earlier indicated the impact of India's strike in February, he said. The army chief also revealed that terror camps were active along the Line of Control and about terrorist Pakistani troops violated ceasefire by targeting forward posts and villages along the Line of Control in the twin districts of Poonch and Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir, an Army spokesman said on Saturday. Pakistani troops violated ceasefire on Thursday night and resorted to firing and shelling along the Line of Control LoC in two sectors of Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district, an Army official said.

The term Line of Control LoC refers to the military control line between the Indian and Pakistani controlled parts of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir —a line which does not constitute a legally recognized international boundary, but serves as the de facto border. Originally known as the Cease-fire Line , it was redesignated as the "Line of Control" following the Simla Agreement , which was signed on 3 July The part of the former princely state that is under Indian control is known as the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The northernmost point of the Line of Control is known as NJ The India—Pakistan border continues from the southernmost point on the LoC. Another ceasefire line separates the Indian-controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir from the Chinese-controlled area known as Aksai Chin.

Jump to navigation. In August , Jammu and Kashmir was a princely state of the size of 2. Two months later, Pakistan invaded Jammu and Kashmir despite having signed a standstill agreement with the princely state, which turned to India for help and signed the Instrument of Accession. India's response to Pakistani intrusion resulted in a war that was declared over in with the United Nations intervening and accepting that the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India was legal. A ceasefire line CFL was drawn depending on the actual positions held by the two armies -- led on both sides by British generals. The ceasefire line temporarily bifurcated Jammu and Kashmir with India getting control of about 65 per cent of the state and Pakistan the rest 35 per cent. The ceasefire line was to begin from a point at Manawar -- south of Chenab river - in Jammu and move northward till Keran.


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