Can varicocele be cured without surgery

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can varicocele be cured without surgery

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing of Varicocele: Varicocele natural treatment without surgery by Babak Nozari

Varicocele Natural Treatment Without Surgery: Over 100 of the best natural treatments for varicocele!
A holistic approach for treating varicocele at home: Lifestyle changes that address the root cause of varicocele, and safe and home treatments that help decrease varicocele swelling and heal symptoms.
Treatment of varicocele risk factors
At home treatments & exercises
Specific critical lifestyle changes
Varicocele Natural Treatment Works:
These treatments are based on science and proven results from my personal experience with varicocele, and from helping over 10,000 clients naturally treat their varicoceles without surgery.

Results: What to Expect: The treatments, exercises, and lifestyle changes outlined in the Healing Guide are good enough to help reduce varicocele swelling by 40-60%, completely cure varicocele pain, and treat symptoms of infertility, impaired virility, and low testosterone. However, the results do take effort and consistency.
Reduce varicocele swelling
Cure varicocele pain
Treat infertility & low testosterone
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Varicocele surgery webcast from Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC

Varicoceles can be diagnosed with a physical or diagnostic examination and treated Patients considering surgical treatment should also get a second opinion from an blood flow, accomplishing what the urologist does, but without surgery.
Babak Nozari

Is There A Non-Surgical Testicular Varicocele Treatment Option Available?

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May 25, Here's a closer look at the benefits of a varicocele treatment without surgery, treatment that can help you avoid potential varicocele surgery.
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Varicocele Treatments

Varicoceles affect roughly 15 percent of males, and is traditionally treated using open surgery, microsurgery, or laparoscopic surgery. Recovery from varicocele surgery usually takes between two and three weeks, and can steal valuable time away from important responsibilities such as work, school, family, and your exercise routine. But treating varicoceles without surgery, by using a method like embolization, significantly reduces the amount of time you spend recovering. Varicocele embolization recovery time usually only lasts one to two days, so you can resume your normal everyday life as quickly as possible. Most types of varicocele surgery require you to undergo general anesthesia that affects the whole body and induces a loss of consciousness, linked to a higher number of complications, including nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and delayed return to normal mental functioning. Local anesthesia lets you maintain consciousness during the procedure, so you can avoid feelings of mental cloudiness and sedation, and recover more quickly.

Surgery often seems too invasive, and the extended recovery time of up to 2 weeks, with men waiting up to 4 weeks to resume sexual activity, is just not ideal for many men. There is good news, though. Varicocele embolization is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that offers many advantages over surgery. Varicocele embolization is essentially closing off dysfunctional veins of the scrotum to allow normal veins to take over blood flow. Varicocele embolization begins when an interventional radiologist nicks the skin and threads a small catheter into the vein.


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