Platanos and collard greens reviews

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platanos and collard greens reviews

Do Platanos Go Wit Collard Greens by David Lamb

Freeman Woodson, editor and chief of ‘the Shield’, the Black student newspaper of Hunter College, fears that Mayor David N. Dinkins, New York City’s first Black Mayor, may be blowing his bid for re-election, and that black folk may be stuck with Rudolph Giuliani as Mayor.

Unable to sit idly by, Freeman helps form ‘CUNY-for Dinkins’, a coalition of Black and Latino student organizations supporting the Dinkins’ re-election bid.

Soon his involvement in the campaign and his budding relationship with the beautiful Dominican student, Angelita, combine with a radical turn of events in her family to embroil Freeman in the depths of police corruption and a plot to assassinate the Mayor. With his back against the wall, Freeman finds himself forced to seek the assistance of a family member previously rejected as a sell-out.

Racial identity, the American melting pot, Black-Latino relations, New York City ethnic and racial politics and police corruption all converge in this humorous and suspense packed journey.
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Published 22.12.2018

Platanos and Collard Greens Pt1

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David Lamb

Platanos, Collard Greens Y Callaloo

The show functions without a press agent; until a few weeks ago it had no Web site. The cast is entirely anonymous, in the purest, hoariest sense of the term. Tyler Perry is not. The story, some of which is told in belabored hip-hop rhymes, revolves around a group of ambitious students at Hunter College, an election for student body president and a chaste love affair between a young African-American man and Dominican woman whose mother disapproves of the relationship. Hard working, the boy comes from a well-educated family.

As a result, member scores during previews may reflect an early version of the show. A spin on the story of Caribbean, African-American and Latino relations and a tale of love, family drama and politics.
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STARS 5 out of 6. This play was amazing. I would tell everyone to go see it. It touches upon everyday life issues but at the same time it was so fun to watch. STARS 6 out of 6. I am planning on see it again! Favorite moment: I love it all!


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