Decisive chip and dan heath summary

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decisive chip and dan heath summary

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Chip Heath

The four principles that can help us to overcome our brains natural biases to make better, more informed decisions -- in our lives, careers, families and organizations.

In Decisive, Chip Heath and Dan Heath, the bestselling authors of Made to Stick and Switch, tackle the thorny problem of how to overcome our natural biases and irrational thinking to make better decisions, about our work, lives, companies and careers.
    When it comes to decision making, our brains are flawed instruments.  But given that we are biologically hard-wired to act foolishly and behave irrationally at times, how can we do better?  A number of recent bestsellers have identified how irrational our decision making can be.  But being aware of a bias doesnt correct it, just as knowing that you are nearsighted doesnt help you to see better.  In Decisive, the Heath brothers, drawing on extensive studies, stories and research, offer specific, practical tools that can help us to think more clearly about our options, and get out of our heads, to improve our decision making, at work and at home.
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Dan Heath: How to Change When Change is Hard

Dec 27, This Decisive summary shows you how to think in opportunity cost, why you don't always have to I really like the books by the Heath brothers.
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Decisive by Dan & Chip Heath [BOOK SUMMARY & PDF]

Print Hardcover Audiobook. The pros-and-cons approach to decision making is profoundly flawed. If we aspire to make better choices, we must learn how the four villains of decision-making work and how to fight them. Narrow framing, the first villain of decision making, refers to our tendency to define our choices too narrowly, to see them in binary terms. We tend to develop a quick belief about a situation and then seek out information that bolsters our belief. The fourth villain of decision making is overconfidence.

Avoid the impact of short term emotion. Sometimes an effective way to analyze a situation is to ask yourself what someone would do if they were dropped into it with no prior history with the situation, no emotional attachment. We want it to be true. Adding more alternatives improve decision making. What else could we do with the same time and money?

Read in: 4 minutes Favorite quote from the author:. I really like the books by the Heath brothers. Its four elements are:. If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it whenever you want. Download PDF. How many times has this happened to you in school? Now you have to decide what to do.

Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath takes you through the decision making process and offers advice on how to make better choices in life and work. A four step process helps to avoid common biases that are most likely affecting the decisions you make today.
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High-Level Thoughts

We love the in-depth research that went into Decisive , as well as the easy-to-read format. A better decision process substantially improves the results of the decisions. Explore alternative points of view, recognize uncertainty, and search for evidence that contradict beliefs. The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. A professional has professional habits. When people have the opportunity to collect information from the world, they are more likely to select information that supports their preexisting attitudes, beliefs, and actions.



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    Book Summary: Decisive by Chip & Dan Heath | Sam Thomas Davies

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    The four villains of decision making are (1) narrow framing, (2) confirmation bias, (3) short-term emotion, and (4) over-confidence. If we aspire to make better choices, we must learn how the four villains of decision-making work and how to fight them. Chapter 1: The Four Villains.

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