Julius and ethel rosenberg sons

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julius and ethel rosenberg sons

We Are Your Sons: The Legacy of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg by Michael Meeropol

In 1950, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg lived with their two sons on New York’s Lower East side. The boys visited their father’s machine shop on Houston Street, rode subways to the Bronx Zoo, were avid Brooklyn Dodger fans. Abruptly one day their life together dissolved – Julius was arrested, then Ethel. They were accused of “The Crime of the Century” and ultimately sent to the electric chair. Their sons were shunted between reluctant relatives and children’s shelters. Eventually, they were adopted and protected from the public eye.

Woven with the letters Ethel and Julius wrote while in prison – many of them previously unpublished – Robert and Michael discuss their memories of that turbulent time. They write about their adoptive parents, Anne and Abel Meeropol, who provided them with security and emotional stability in a culturally rich environment (Abel Meeropol wrote “Strange Fruit,” the anti-lynching anthem made famous by Billie Holiday.) And they talk about their own growth in the politically explosive 1960’s.

This books is a vital social document, told simply yet intensely and persuasively. It is a story the reader will not be able to ignore, both politically compelling and personally moving.
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My parents, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, were arrested and jailed shortly after my third birthday in May
Michael Meeropol

Father Was a Spy, Sons Conclude With Regret

Meeropol was born in New York City. His father Julius was an electrical engineer and a member of the Communist Party. In , when Robert was six years old, his parents were convicted and executed for conspiracy to commit espionage , and specifically for passing secrets of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. After the Rosenbergs were arrested, Robert and his older brother Michael lived with their maternal grandmother, Tessie Greenglass. After three months, she was unable to continue such care and placed them in the Hebrew Children's Home.

They were the most famous orphans of the cold war, only 6 and 10 years old in when their parents were executed at Sing Sing for delivering atomic-bomb secrets to the Soviet Union. Then they were whisked from an unwanted limelight to urban anonymity and eventually to suburban obscurity. Then in , they emerged to reclaim their identities as the sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, determined to vindicate their parents. Sobell over the weekend. It began in July , when F. Amid the Watergate-era revelations of criminal conspiracies and cover-ups, they began a legal battle to release all the government records in the case.

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The sons of convicted spy Ethel Rosenberg returned to the White House on Thursday, more than 50 years after pleading unsuccessfully to spare her life, in a last-ditch appeal to Barack Obama to exonerate her amid new evidence. Rosenberg was executed in along with her husband, Julius, after being convicted of conspiring to pass secrets about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. - Michael Rosenberg was listening to The Lone Ranger on the radio when his entire world crumbled.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were American citizens, who spied on behalf of the Soviet Union and were tried, convicted, and executed by the federal government of the United States. They provided top-secret information about radar , sonar , and jet propulsion engines and were accused of transmitting valuable nuclear weapon designs ; at that time the United States was the only country in the world with nuclear weapons. Other convicted co-conspirators were sentenced to prison, including Ethel's brother, David Greenglass who had made a plea agreement , Harry Gold , and Morton Sobell. For decades, the Rosenbergs' sons, Michael and Robert Meeropol and many other defenders maintained that Julius and Ethel were innocent of spying on their country and were victims of Cold War paranoia. After the fall of the Soviet Union , much information concerning them was declassified, including a trove of decoded Soviet cables, code-named VENONA , which detailed Julius's role as a courier and recruiter for the Soviets and Ethel's role as an accessory. In the National Archives of the United States published most of the grand jury testimony related to the prosecution of the Rosenbergs; it revealed that Ethel had not been directly involved in activities, contrary to the charges levied by the government.




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    Michael and Robert Rosenberg became orphans when their notorious parents were executed for espionage. His parents were none other than Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and they were accused of being Russian spies who passed on secret information about nuclear technology as the Cold War.

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