Ed and lorraine case files

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ed and lorraine case files

Ghost Tracks: Case Files of Ed & Lorraine Warren by Cheryl A. Wicks

For more than fifty years, Lorraine Warren-a validated clairvoyant-and her husband Ed Warren-a respected demonologist-have been tracking paranormal phenomena around the world. Ghost Tracks pulls together five decades of field research experience, along with historic, scientific, and religious perspectives to reveal that even the paranormal have predictable patterns of behavior. These patterns enable the Warrens to discern what is happening and why. Lectures and selected case studies and letters demonstrate what it is like to live with, investigate, and resolve the mystery of ghosts, poltergeist, and evil infestations. Ghost Tracks has a refreshing style making it an easy read, entertaining as well as informative.
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THE CONJURING - The Real Lorraine Warren Featurette

The Warren Files: Exploring the Famous Real Life Cases of the Paranormal Investigators

News Top 10 Lists. News Videos. Lorraine and the late Ed Warren are infamous in the field of paranormal research, and thanks to their high-profile cases in the media, many of their investigations have provided source material for popular horror films throughout the years. Haunted dolls are a staple of horror cinema. There is just something so inherently creepy about dolls, it makes perfect sense for filmmakers to use them to induce nightmares in the context of a chiller movie.

In The Nun , the latest movie in the ever-expanding Conjuring universe , a cowl-clad demon with piercing yellow eyes and dagger-like teeth haunts the cloisters of a Romanian abbey and terrorizes local clergy.
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Warner Bros. As demonstrated with photos during the end credits of the movie, the Perron family really did exist, and reported they were being attacked by some kind of entity. The Warrens did, in fact, investigate. Both Lorraine Warren and the Perron family signed off on the movie as well Ed died in The story about two nurses who wound up with a haunted doll is a real case the Warrens dealt with.

Lorraine is a claimed clairvoyant and light trance medium. Over the next fifty years, the duo investigated over 10, cases and authored several books on the paranormal. They were not without controversy, however, as their high profile cases attracted the attention of numerous skeptics who doubted their abilities and their motives as paranormal investigators. Here are five of their most infamous cases the Warrens worked which helped to make them the most famous ghost hunters in the world. The most famous of all the paranormal cases Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated, and possibly the most famous haunting in American history.


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    Their casework, much of which was carried out through their New England Society for Psychic Research, involved everything from exorcisms alongside priests, seances and spirit cleansings to photographic documentation of supernatural events.

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