Different versions of hansel and gretel

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different versions of hansel and gretel

Hansel and Gretel by Susan Jeffers

Its a tale as timeless as storytelling itself: two children, lost in the woods, stumble upon a candy house that isnt all that it seems. From Hansels trail of bread crumbs to Gretels ingenious triumph over the witch, the details of this familiar fairy tale enchant children year after year. Now, in an update on her classic retelling, Caldecott Honor winner and New York Times bestseller Susan Jeffers brings Hansel and Gretel to life for a new generation.
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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics HANSEL AND GRETEL

Get this: a new movie comes out that is based off of a book.
Susan Jeffers

15 Different Versions of Hansel and Gretel Story

A comparison of the versions of and by D. Hansel and Gretel and other folktales about abandoned children edited by D. I have included the English language tales of this type which have been gathered by title by D. Sometimes I include tales of other classifications when I deem them relevant to the theme. The tales come from many cultures and are similar to the Hansel and Gretel story in various ways. I have placed the tales in alphabetical order with bibliographic information and links to texts of the stories if a text is available on the internet.

Versions of Hansel and Gretel

This post contains affiliate links. The family is starving, so their cruel stepmother convinces their father to abandon them in the woods so they starve to death. Finally, Gretel pushes the wicked witch into a flaming oven, where she burns to a crisp. But believe it or not, there are many good reasons to read fairy tales to kids — even the scary ones. In fact, my Four recently illustrated her own version of the tale and then brought it to me — asking me to add the words that she supplied.


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