Feroze gandhi and indira gandhi marriage

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feroze gandhi and indira gandhi marriage

Feroze: The Forgotten Gandhi by Bertil Falk

My name is Feroze Jehangir Gandhi and this is my story :-

⚓Feroze, the forgotten gandhi, is the story of a parsi boy, who was born in Bombay, but grew up with her aunt ( according to rumors she was her real mother) in allahabad.

⚓Later he joined the indian freedom movement to free India from the yoke of British imperialism. He was jailed by the then British india government many times.

⚓Infact during the Indian freedom movement, he came in contact with Kamala Nehru ( wife of Indias first prime minister, jawahar lal nehru ), and he remained loyal to her at last. When Kamala nehru died because of tuberculosis in Europe, Feroze was present There.

⚓ When Feroze was in europe he proposed Indira Gandhi ( daughter of jawahar lal nehru and Kamala nehru ) for marriage, indira said yes to Feroze, and they came to India.

⚓When the news reached to the people of India that the daughter of jawahar lal, marrying a parsi ( or non-hindu ), many people in india started opposing the marriage, but the couple already received the blessings of mahatma gandhi, and later the marriage ceremony took place at anand bhavan ( residence of jawahar lal nehru ).

⚓But after few years of marriage the relationship between the two started deteriorating, indira moved on with their childrens to her fathers house, and Feroze stayed at his allahabad house. And one of the reason for the separation is that Feroze was a womanizer.

⚓ After Independence Feroze was elected as the member of parliament from the Rai bareli constituency, and in parliament he was known as the unofficial leader of the opposition, Infact he was the first one who called Indira gandhi a Fascist , at the breakfast table, because Indira Gandhi had forced her father to remove the worlds first elected communist government of kerala.

⚓ Later Feroze Jehangir Gandhi died because of heart attack. The man who is a true democrat, freedom fighter, a brilliant parliamentarian had been forgotten first by his own family, and later by the people of hindustan.

⚓ After India became independent,  jawahar lal nehru Became its first Prime Minister, Indira also became the first lady of the house, although Feroze was a renowned freedom fighter and a loyal congress party worker, and he also elected for the constituent assembly, and later elected as member of parliament from the Rai bareli seat, But he still remembered as the son-in-law of jawahar lal nehru and the husband of indira gandhi. I guess the reason for this is that his own family disowned him, and it all started when Indira moved with her childrens to live with his father, rarely someone from the Nehru-gandhi family mentioned about Feroze gandhi. Is this all because of vote bank politics? Is the members of the Nehru-gandhi family dont want to talk about him, because Feroze was a parsi?

⚓ Currently very few books are available on Feroze gandhi, and kudos to the writer for writing a book on a man who is more than the son-in-law or husband of someone. He dedicated his life to free India from the British colonialism, he is a true Democrat, not like his wife who used the plank of secularism and socialism to fool the people of this great land, for the sake of power.

⚓ The writer almost took 40 years to write this Book, he talked and interviewed several people who are close friends of Feroze gandhi and also his colleagues. He also included various photographs of Feroze which makes the book more pleasurable to read. The language of the book is very easy to read. I will recommend to Readers that you can go surely for this Book.

My Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ( 4/5 )

I hope you like the Review, thanks for reading, Jai Hind.
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Indira Gandhi & Feroz Gandhi, unknown facts from their life - वनइंडिया हिन्दी

The wedding of Indira and Feroze Gandhi in 1942

One would never have expected Jawaharlal Nehru's daughter to tide through the destiny of an average girl of the masses. However, analysing her bitter 'n' sour relationships with most important men in her life leaves you with a gnawing sense of remorse for the woman. Nehru gave her a sense of inadequacy for not being bright enough, Feroze gave her instability and disloyalty, Mathai belied her trust if there ever was something between them , Brahmachari used proximity to her for striking deals and Sanjay gave her otherwise clean political career shades of demonic grey. Photo: India Today. Nehru's condescending attitude comes through even in his treatment of his wife Kamla Nehru who was not as sophisticated, witty and socially adept as Nehru's sister Vijay Lakshmi Pandit. Would someone want to have an affair with her?

From reel to real, the love story had carried every element of an ideal Bollywood story- propose, reject, rebel, struggle, marriage and of course politics. In the love story of Feroze Gandhi and only daughter of the Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi had faced all odds that a love story counters in Indian society. The very first barrier to their love story was their religions. Their love story budded when Indira was just 16 years old and Feroze was Once in , Kamala Nehru along with her companions was demonstrating against British outside Ewing Christian College that time she fainted with the heat of the sun and Feroze went to help her. Feroze was so influenced with her patriotism that he left his studies to join the independence movement-led by Congress leaders.

He had a great deal to his credita sound politician, a compelling orator, publisher of the National Herald set up to counter British colonialismbut lost much of it when he married Indira Nehru and became the son-in-law to the powerful family. He was born to a Parsi family in Bombay. His father Jehangir Gandhi was a Marine engineer and Feroze was one of five siblings. His father died in and he moved with his mother to Allahabad where he studied, and also became active in the Congress in It was around this time that he changed his name from Ghandy to Gandhi. He worked for independence, closely with Jawaharlal Nehru.

Feroze Gandhi was an Indian politician and journalist. He published the newspapers The The marriage ceremony of Feroze Gandhi and Indira Nehru at Anand Bhavan, on 26 March In , a photograph of the wedding was used in.
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Aishwarya Kumar News Swedish author Bertil Falk took years to write Feroze, The Forgotten Gandhi, some chapters being two years old and some over two decades. Yet, he says, he would not have had it any other way and would have still chosen Feroze Gandhi over anyone else from the family to write about. You met Indira Gandhi multiple times, yet you chose to write on Feroze Gandhi. Why him?

First appointed prime minister in , she garnered widespread public support. She fell into a romantic relationship with Feroze Khan who often used to visit her house. This secret of hers was also revealed by the then Governor of Maharashtra to her father. The marriage took place in London. Indira Gandhi was expelled from the Oxford University for her unmeritorious performance. Her father, Nehru, then got her admitted into Shantiniketan University where she didn't rise to the expectations of Guru Rabindranath Tagore who often used to admonish her.


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