Miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir de evilize

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miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir de evilize

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: De-Evilize by Zag Entertainment

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Published 23.12.2018

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir - Time to De-Evilize the Akumas (Android Gameplay)

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: De-evilize

Sign in. After Ladybug and Cat Noir lose their memories, they must find a way to defeat Hawk Moth and get their memories back before they learn too much about one another. After failing to find Adrien, his bodyguard gets akumatized into Gorizilla. With his new sense of smell, he is able to track Adrien throughout Paris. Ladybug and Cat Noir face one of their most fearsome opponents when Hawk Moth sets a sinister plan into motion by akumatizing his assistant.

An akuma is a black lepidopteran creature responsible for transforming people into supervillains. An army of akumas is created and led by Hawk Moth while Ladybug and Cat Noir are tasked with capturing and purifying them. Before it is turned into an akuma by Hawk Moth, the butterfly is pure white and bluish. However, once it becomes an akuma, it turns black with translucent purple highlights. In " Party Crasher ", the butterfly in it's chrysalis form is the same color when it's purified by Ladybug or Hawk Moth and before being turned into an akuma pure white. Hawk Moth creates an akuma by charging a butterfly with his dark energy.

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Ladybug and Cat Noir take on more of Hawk Moth's akumatized villains. Marinette's great-uncle Wang Cheng, a famous chef, becomes Kung Food. Taste his.
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Marinette is the sweetest girl in Paris. With a big crush on a boy at school, a big dream of becoming a fashion designer, and a big problem with being totally awkward, she's just your average teenage girl, right? Did we mention she's also the crime fighting superhero, Ladybug? Becoming Ladybug is a complicated process! First, Marinette needs a "Kwami," which is a tiny magical assistant hers is named Tikki. She also needs a "Miraculous," which is a magical accessory hers is a pair of earrings. Tikki uses the Miraculous to transform Marinette.

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Nicole D'Andria. Coming Soon! Marinette, the sweetest girl in Paris, becomes the heroic Ladybug. Alongside Cat Noir, who is secretly her crush Adrien, the two heroes face off against people who have been turned into villains by their ultimate enemy, Hawk Moth! The story has plenty of important messages and empowering characters that people can relate to. This volume features four more victims turned villains. First, Manon, the young girl Marinette is babysitting, turns into Puppeteer.


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