Portraits of courage barnes and noble

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portraits of courage barnes and noble

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chiefs Tribute to Americas Warriors by George W. Bush

Happy July 4th ...where 13 colonies claimed their independence from England in 1776!!!

NOTE TO ALL MY FRIENDS... and members who have followed my reviews: THANK YOU!!!! THIS IS MY LAST REVIEW!!!! I am retiring completely!!!!

Its a collection of portraits of our nations heroes -- that Ive owned for about six weeks. Paul and I have both been enjoying it.
We are both really inspired. Paul says.....after reading this book, and given our current situation, I never thought Id be saying this....but I wish George Bush were President right now.

Regardless of your political views --this book is SPECTACULAR!!! It moves you emotionally--
From the start, I adored reading the forward by Laura Bush. --- and there is something so darn cute about looking at the very first colored photo of George Bush painting - in his T-Shirt - his portraits!!!!! The photo shows Bush dipping his paint brush into the paint. The canvas he has painted ( which looks done to me), is of 11 men and women --all in one painting. Each of the facial expressions in each of these 11 people are so expressive. George looks so focused-- concentrating on his work. George Bush is relatively a new artist--( he never touched a paint brush until the age of 66 years of age) --and there is so much to admire about his work - and purpose. George says, As far as I knew, no other President had painted world leaders.
George goes on to share about the challenge of painting human faces. George was driven to learn. He found an instructor by the name of Jim Woodson. Under Jims tutelage, he painted a series of cacti, water lilies, hats, and more.
Then another artist offered help - Sedrick Huckaby- who suggested that Bush paint people whom he knew. Bush instantly thought of painting wounded warriors that he had gotten to know during the W1000K Mountain bike rides and Warrior Open golf outings put on by the Bush institute. And so in September, 2015, Bush started painting the 98 man and women who are featured in this book.

I understand Laura had previously called Bushs art studio his man cave. Its his ARTIST STUDIO now!!!! I get it....BUSH IS A DEDICATED ARTIST!!
While he was painting the men and women he knew, he thought about their backgrounds in the military and the issues that they dealt with as a result of combat from mini visible injuries, others invisible wounds such as post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Wish wanted to honor these men and women for their service and show his respect for their sacrifice and courage.

All proceeds from this book goes towards supporting causes for veterans.

Honestly--some of the individual stories bring real tears to your eyes. I didnt know who these men were at all until reading this book - but each short biography along side their portrait allows us to have a genuine experience of them - men and women - who faced the Battlefield, their journeys, their recoveries, ( and not always), and contributions.

.....sharing about 1 man in this book: there are 97 more:
SCOTT NEIL was in the U.S. Army.
Scott grew up on a cattle ranch in Florida. He was predisposed to be a cowboy. He even looks a little like John Wayne.
Scott had a 24 years in the army. He conducted Special Forces missions in Kenya, Kuwait, Arabia, Pakistan, Oman, and Yemen. After 9/11 he was deployed to Afghanistan has one of the first Green Berets in. He went on to Iraq for three rotations, then sent to Africa in pursuit of foreign fighters there. Intense combat operations almost nightly. The fighting took a heavy toll on his body. After and explosive attack on his vehicle in 2004, Scott started to notice that he had a tendency to become angry- and extreme pain in his neck. Eventually, Scott left the army and learned that the outdoors, what is the best therapy for him. Bush had received a picture of Scotty and his cowboy hat riding a horse - He was peaceful and in a better place : through the hate tunnel, and enjoying being a great American. Scotts latest project was consulting on a documentary fim titled The Legion, about the American special forces who led the first charge into Afghanistan after 9/11 while mounted on horses.

This book is sooooo inspiring. It encourages us to understand deeper of the issues facing veterans. Plus...kudos to George Bush --for taking on painting with a zest of passion to honor our military in the way he has. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Highly Recommend!!!!!!
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Portrait Of Courage: Sergeant Leslie Zimmerman - TODAY

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors (Deluxe Signed Book)

Bush Illustrated. Crown Publishers. The same might have been said of former President George W. This was a first. Who leaks paintings? Their value lay only in their presidential provenance.

The Hardcover of the Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors by George W. Bush at Barnes & Noble.
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He'll be signing 'Portraits of Courage' March 4 at Barnes & Noble on Northwest Highway.

By Michael Merschel. Former President George W. It comes out Feb. Would-be buyers will need a wristband to secure a place in line. Customers may purchase up to three copies of the book.

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Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's daughter, describes how her father's famous statement in his presidential inauguration speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," is an apt description of his own political career and life, and also serves as a calling for Americans to display similar levels of commitment. She recaps her father's military service in World War II as a PT-boat commander, and how he saved a fellow sailor's life after the Japanese destroyed their boat, swimming three miles using his teeth to grasp his badly wounded comrade's life jacket. He earned several military honors for his heroic efforts, but also suffered a spinal injury that confined him to a hospital for several months in and While in the hospital, he conducted his research for Profiles in Courage, setting out on a quest to discover what makes a great senator.


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