Beyond good and evil slaughterhouse

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beyond good and evil slaughterhouse

A Dance At The Slaughterhouse by Lawrence Block

In Matt Scudders mind, money, power, and position elevate nobody above morality and the law. Now the ex-cop and unlicensed p.i. has been hired to prove that socialite Richard Thurman orchestrated the brutal murder of his beautiful, pregnant wife. During Scudders hard drinking years, he left a piece of his soul on every seedy corner of the Big Apple. But this case is more depraved and more potentially devastating than anything he experienced while floundering in the urban depths. Because this investigation is leading Scudder on a frightening grand tour of New Yorks sex-for-sale underworld -- where an innocent young life is simply a commodity to be bought and perverted ... and then destroyed.
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Beyond Good and Evil HD - Mission 3 - The Slaughterhouse

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Lawrence Block

Old Slaughterhouses

The entrance to the Slaughthouse is initially from race course 3. After you navigate around the Slaughterhouse, you will find a shortcut to the Slaughterhouse from the race 3 and 4 hub - useful if you missed some animals. The laser barrier can be missed, but it's about half-way through the race. The hovercraft will have just enough clearance to go over the beams they set them rather high. The Slaughterhouse road is pure hovercraft madness. There are crystals in wooden boxes in the water but for the most part, the water will occasionally be "too hot" and damage the hovercraft treat it like a pit. Race along the road, avoid the giant mechanical Wild Wild West spider contraption and head for the exit.

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You will need to obtain the jump kit from Mammago Garage. It costs 15 pearls. If you don't have enough pearls, try revisiting the factory and Black Isle to collect any items you missed. You can also enter two Looters Caverns to obtain two more pearls, and can also purchase a pearl detector at Ming-Tzu. The protective barriers can be jumped by moving towards them at full speed, and jumping when they are very close. While you can complete the races earlier, you must complete at least two by this stage. The races can only be completed in order; to advance to the next race, you need to rank within the top three players.

After the initial cutscene, start attacking the DomZ. Once you defeat the first group, you will be taken down into a cave to fight a boss. Use your charged attack to break out of the cage, then kill the boss by hitting it in the eye. After the fight, pick up pearl 1 from where the boss was previously, and then head up in the elevator. In the lighthouse, pick up your camera, as well as heaps of Starkos lying around the kitchen area one on the counter, 3 in the fridge and 1 in the oven. Now you need to photograph all of the lifeforms within the lighthouse, including the insect near the camera, the dog upstairs, and all of the people - once you have taken enough photographs the power will be restored to the lighthouse.

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