Holly wells and jessica chapman graves

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holly wells and jessica chapman graves

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soham - a parents tale

Ian Kevin Huntley, a caretaker at local secondary school Soham Village College , was convicted on 17 December of the girls' murder and sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment , with the High Court later setting a minimum term of 40 years. Carr had provided Huntley with a false alibi and received a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for perverting the course of justice. At around pm, they went out to buy sweets.

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Each of the girls' graves was adorned with a dozen roses around four days ago, along with cards written in blue biro, according to The Sun newspaper. The card on Holly's grave reportedly carried the message: "To Holly, rest in peace, Ian", while the card on Jessica's grave read: "To Jess, rest in peace, Ian. The report suggests that Holly's parents, Kevin and Nicola Wells, discovered the cards and flowers on the graves at St Andrew's Church in Soham and disposed of them. It is not clear at this stage if the messages are from Huntley, who is currently serving a life sentence at Wakefield Prison. Share Email this article to a friend. Toggle navigation.

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After passing their school caretaker's house, Their school caretaker Ian Huntley invited the girls into his home where he brutually murdered them. Ian Huntley their school caretaker and Teaching Assistant Maxine Carr were arrested in the Girls abduction and killing. Ian Huntley the caretaker at the girl's school was found guilty in the Girls Abduction and Murder, and given two Life Sentences on 17th December his girlfriend Maxine Carr was actually away from Soham during the time of the murders but lied to give Ian Huntley an Alibi was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and got 3 and half years but was released on 14th May For further information about this story there is a book out called Goodbye Dearest Holly written by Holly's father Kevin Wells. The cause of Holly and Jessica's deaths is not known due to the decomposition of both of their bodies and also the fact that Huntley changed his story many times before, during and after the trial, however it is thought very likely that Holly and Jessica were either suffocated or strangled in Huntley's House at College Close Number 5 In Soham where the girls were murdered. Bubbly and outgoing Holly Marie Wells performed with the Fenland Majorettes and was also an active member of the Soham Brownies she enjoyed singing and dancing.

A letter saying sorry and reportedly signed by child killer Roy Whiting has been left at his victim's grave. Similar notes and flowers have been left on the graves of Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, purporting to be from killer Ian Huntley. The Home Office said any suggestion that the flowers and notes had been sent by the jailed killers was "utterly untrue". Huntley, 31, and Whiting, 46, were reportedly questioned in their cells at Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, over the mystery notes. She said: "Whoever has done this has desecrated our daughters' graves. I can't imagine what kind of sick individual would do such a thing.


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