Chicken and rice dishes jamie oliver

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chicken and rice dishes jamie oliver

Jamies 15 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver

This book is completely devoted to what you, the public, are asking for - super-quick, tasty, nutritious food that you can eat every day of the week.

Creating these recipes has been a whole new experience for me, and Ive made sure theyre methodical, clever, sociable and fun, with beautiful ingredients that will slap you around the face with big flavours! Ill probably never write a cookbook like this again, but I can assure you this is a classic that will arm you with the skills to create wonderful meals, shockingly fast.

Ive taken inspiration from around the world, embracing the flavours that we all love, playing with classic chicken, steak and pasta dishes, looking at Asian-inspired street food and brilliant Moroccan flavours, bigging up mega salads and so much more. Im basically trying to represent all the types of food that you, out there, are buying into. And these are some of the quickest and easiest meals Ive ever done.

These recipes have been tested and tested to ensure this book is a reliable companion for you, and hopefully your family too when you pass it down. I think youre going to really love it - Im so proud of it.

Its far and away the most balanced and exciting everyday cookbook Ive seen - and if you liked 30-Minute Meals, this will knock your socks off.
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Lemon Chicken with Smashed Sweet Potato - Jamie Oliver

Top 10 chicken recipes

Organic and free-range chickens have lived longer and are stronger, healthier birds. A happier bird makes for happier food. Plus they taste better. Chicken recipes Organic and free-range chickens have lived longer and are stronger, healthier birds. Chicken baked in a bag. Sir Patrick Stewart's mole enchiladas.

Drumroll please… here are 10 of our all-time favourite chicken dishes. From a simple stir-fry to a roast with a twist, each one of these recipes is guaranteed to please! Make your own fragrant curry paste with lemongrass, chilli, garlic, ginger and fresh herbs. Plus, roasting the veg in the same tray gives you next-level juices for making gravy. A quick fajita recipe is a great dish to have up your sleeve for an easy midweek dinner. Plus, everyone can fill their own tortillas at the table.

Gluten-free gf Dairy-free df. Serves 4. Cooks In 45 minutes. Difficulty Super easy. Fat 7.


The minimum standard we would recommend is RSPCA Assured — start here and upgrade to free-range or organic whenever you can. Be adventurous, try something different and whip up one of these easy, healthy recipes for dinner this evening., Very few staple ingredients have the same global reach as rice. Nearly every country you can think of with a decent climate has a national dish involving rice somewhere within its cuisine.

Dairy-free df Gluten-free gf. Serves 4. Cooks In 2 hours. Difficulty Not too tricky. Sugars



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    Organic and free-range chickens have lived longer and are stronger, healthier birds.

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