Ron and hermione kiss fanfiction

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ron and hermione kiss fanfiction

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Hermione And The Order Of Sex - HARRY POTTER FANFICTION

This chronicles six different ways Ron and Hermione could have had their first kiss, including the version in the book (from Ron's POV) and the.

Welcome to my first Chapter Romione fic! Kiss is going to be a collection of one shots of the many different ways that Ron and Hermione could've kissed. This is a prompt fic, which basically means that you review with times where you think it could've been perfect for Romione to kiss. I'm accepting prompts anywhere between Order of the Phoenix and the Epilogue. The original idea for Kiss comes from foraworldundeserving with her Klaine story, Kiss It's amazing, a must read for Gleeks oh and I don't own Harry Potter either. It wouldn't be as amazing if I did.

This is just a quick little one shot story dealing with Ron and Hermione when they are at Bill and Fleur's house after Hermione has been tortured by Bellatrix. After seeing the latest movie recently, I just had this as a quick idea. I know in the book Ron and Hermione don't share their first kiss until during the battle at Hogwarts, but I think this would have been a nice first kiss story too. Enjoy-I own nothing. Rowling is a genius. Warning: Spoilers if you haven't either read all the books or seen the latest movie yet.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Ron W., Hermione G. recall the exact time Hermione decided she'd had enough of not kissing me.
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They were arguing about her date, Viktor Krum. Is that what you think?

Hey jes, So ive read random facts about romione and one said that their second kiss was at mr. Weasleys shed full of muggle things. So I was wondering I'm begging you if you could write a little one shot based on that fact. Just a fluffy awkward maybe smuty one-shot pleaseeeeeee? Lots of love. I don't recall the exact time Hermione decided she'd had enough of not kissing me. I do know it's been at least six days and about twelve hours, because, judging by the sun high up in the sky, it's now noon, and I'm practically baking out here in the heat.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned it all. But then, who doesn't? I do own this lovely plotless fluff piece, and I'm quite proud of it. Ron stood on the edge of the Quidditch Pitch staring up into the stands. Ron shook his head in disbelief.

A follow up of sorts to "Kiss Me. No profit made from this use. Title of this little is from Mary Chapin Carpenter. Thanks to Tessie for helping lots and lots with this fic. Ron came in through the fireplace with a soft thud, smiling as he saw his wife curled up on the couch, a book lying in her lap. She was dressed in his t-shirt and boxers he noticed with an amused grin. Seeing the strange look on her face, he immediately launched into an explanation.


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    Ron and Hermione's First kiss, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

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    Yule Ball Kiss. Hermione Granger was furious as she stormed next to Ron Weasley out of the Yule Ball. They were arguing about her date.

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