Penn and teller magical mystery tour

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penn and teller magical mystery tour

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Published 25.12.2018

Penn & Teller: Teller Cracks Up

Penn and Teller’s Magic and Mystery Tour (DVD)

They have worked together for a long time, and that has allowed them to attain a level of understanding between each other that makes them especially impressive entertainers. These two are not only very talented illusionists, but they also are quite funny. They always incorporate humor into their act, and they have a way of bringing the audience into their tricks that is very appealing. The tricks that they perform are full of surprises, and people of all ages can be easily entertained by them. Penn Jillette and Teller are a master magic team who go around the world to find the origins of magic and find how the art form has influenced and been changed by different traditions and cultures. The pair also discovers routines from places across the world. Tausende Filme und Serienepisoden zum Streamen oder Downloaden.

Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association.
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How it works

Penn and Teller first made their fame as magicians by taking traditional magic acts such as card tricks and putting their own darkly comic and sometimes bloody spins on them. But in recent years, the duo grew more interested in the magic behind the magic. In this three-part series, the verbose Penn and the silent Teller head overseas to find the origins of the oldest magic tricks in the world, as well as look at how magicians live their daily lives in other cultures. The results are eye-opening, but not often pretty. In China, in the middle of winter, Penn and Teller explore a performing arts school where magic is taught, followed by a below-zero trip to Acrobatic World, a gigantic yet deserted tourist attraction featuring traditional Chinese magic. Then, get ready for a bloody, gruesome trek through the slums of India, where Penn and Teller hope to find someone, anyone, who can perform the mythic Indian rope trick.


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