Trevor adams dungeons and dragons

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trevor adams dungeons and dragons

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too by Anna Dewdney

For those who dont know, Nelly Gnu is Llama Llamas friend. This picture book is done in the same style as the Llama Llama books, but focuses on Nelly and her relationship with her father.

After the family gets a new high chair and other baby furniture for Nellys younger sibling, Daddy Gnu and Nelly turn the cardboard boxes into a little playhouse. When its completed, Nelly thinks it needs something, so off they go to Home Depot (or some similar big-box store) to buy paint and brushes to decorate the playhouse. While theyre there, Nelly ends up separated from Daddy Gnu, which is pretty scary. But it turns out that hes never far, and he manages to swoop in to save the day.

Its a fairly idealized look at the father-daughter relationship, which is fine if thats the case in the readers life. I found this book a little difficult to read, though; those readers with more fractured relationships with their fathers probably arent going to love this one. Daddy Gnu just comes across as a little too perfect: he knows how to do everything, hes protective, and he never makes a misstep. That may be how some children see their fathers, but its by no means a universal experience.

The rhymes are cute and the pictures are nice, but I kind of felt like something was missing. Maybe its just the fact that Llama Llama doesnt appear as a character in this one. Llamas are a lot cuter than gnus, for one thing. Im also not sure we really get a good idea of Nellys character here. (Weve had plenty of time to get to know Llama Llama. Expecting the same level of knowledge about Nelly after just one book with her in a starring role is unrealistic, sure... but I still wouldve liked to see her personality developed a little bit more.)

If you like the bounce and rhythm of the Llama Llama books, you might enjoy this one, too. I dont think its one of my favourite Anna Dewdney titles, though. Llamas > gnus. (Sorry, gnus!)
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(Animated Handbook D&D 5E) The help action!

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Anna Dewdney

On the Origin of D&D species: The Red Dragon

Coming from a family of media lovers and early technology adopters, I've always had a passion for creativity and finding ways to express myself. Before I created my first short story, my parents always encouraged me to draw and create works of art - most of which, growing up in Brooklyn, New York, consisted of recreating city streets from memory, crafting building blueprints, and mapping elevated train systems on oak tag posters. I also recall parallel parking my Micro-Machines on the floor of my very small bedroom. My first series of short stories, heavily inspired by "The Blob" and "Ghostbusters", were created when I was eight years old. During both high school and college I wrote for their respective newspapers, which I used as spaces to publicize my work whenever possible. Once I entered the workforce post-college, my drive for writing fiction was mostly put on hold as I had a new, equally fun focus: technical writing and user guides.


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