Do bay and emmett get back together

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do bay and emmett get back together

Emmetts letter and Timeline (Take these things to heart scene) Video ()

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Switched At Birth - 3.11

Emmett seems visibly uncomfortable, so Bay asks him to go back to kissing, since they do that really well. They decide that Bay should tell Daphne about them being together. Emmett (to Bay): Soon, everyone will love you as much as I do.

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Switched at Birth S5E3 ended on such a cliffhanger with Emmett texting Bay and asking her to come over. We totally thought something was going to happen between them, but then it turned out that Emmett just wanted to ask Bay if he could take photos of her giving someone a tattoo for a class project! She told Emmett that she was flattered, but that she couldn't ink clients at the shop yet. That guy is just so persuasive! Turns out Bay's persuasive skills are just as impressive because she actually got Noelle to agree to let her use her shop!

Are They Going To Get Back Together?! Check out what happened between Bay and Emmett below! We do NOT want to think about that awful break up.
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Switched at Birth is a show about two teenage girls who find out that the hospital… switched them at birth! Maybe you did, you smarty. Bay Kennish grew up in a very wealthy family, goes to private school, and loves art. On the other side of town, Daphne Vasquez grew up in a working class area with a single mother, and as a result of catching meningitis at age 3, is deaf. Daphne knows Emmett from their school, Carlton which is a school for the Deaf.

Read at your own risk! Bay's ex-boyfriend and Daphne's childhood best friend attempted to overdose on anti-depressants while the girls were away and they both decided to make the return back to Kansas City to support him during a turbulent time. The news came not only as a shock to Bay and Daphne, but to fans as well because the last we saw of Emmett in Season 4, he was living his dream life at the University of Southern California and making movies in sunny Los Angeles. The Switched at Birth cast brought deaf students to tears with premiere surprise. It turns out that Emmett has secretly been battling demons that no one else knew about. His road to recovery will be a major part of the final season — but so will be his love triangle with Bay and Travis Ryan Lane. At the end of the episode, Emmett confessed that the recent events made him realize he made a mistake letting Bay go, and he's ready to work to win her back.


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