Hitler and lenin rose in power by

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hitler and lenin rose in power by

Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe by Robert Gellately

This remarkably ambitious book tells the story of the great social and political catastrophe that enveloped Europe between 1914 and 1945. In a period of almost continuous upheaval, society was transformed by two world wars, the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust, and the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Combining a powerful narrative with profound analysis, acclaimed historian Robert Gellately argues that these tragedies are inextricably linked and that to consider them as discrete events is to misunderstand their genesis and character. Central to the catastrophe, of course, were Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, and this book makes use of recently opened Russian and German sources to explain how these dictators� pursuit of utopian�and dreadfully flawed�ideals led only to dystopian nightmare.

In a groundbreaking work, Gellately makes clear that most comparative studies of the Soviet and Nazi dictatorships are undermined by neglecting the key importance of Lenin in the unfolding drama. Rejecting the myth of the �good� Lenin, the book provides a convincing social-historical account of all three dictatorships and carefully documents their similarities and differences. It traces the escalation of conflicts between Communism and Nazism, and particularly of the role of Hitler�s anathema against what he called �Jewish Bolshevism.� The book shows how the vicious rivalry between Stalin and Hitler led inescapably to a war of annihilation and genocide. The reverberations of this gargantuan struggle are felt everywhere to this day.
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What if Hitler Wasn't Anti-Semitic?

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Look Inside. Aug 12, ISBN Nov 11, ISBN A bold new accounting of the great social and political upheavals that enveloped Europe between and —from the Russian Revolution through the Second World War. In Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler , acclaimed historian Robert Gellately focuses on the dominant powers of the time, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, but also analyzes the catastrophe of those years in an effort to uncover its political and ideological nature.

In the years following the death of Vladimir Lenin in , Stalin rose to become the leader of the Soviet Union. After growing up in Georgia , Stalin conducted discreet activities for the Bolshevik Party for twelve years before the Russian Revolution in Stalin was one of the Bolsheviks' chief operatives in the Caucasus and grew close to Vladimir Lenin , who saw him as a tough character, and a loyal follower capable of getting things done behind the scenes.
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Under Stalin, the Soviet Union was transformed from a peasant society into an industrial and military superpower. However, he ruled by terror, and millions of his own citizens died during his brutal reign. Born into poverty, Stalin became involved in revolutionary politics, as well as criminal activities, as a young man.

It will appeal to anyone interested in dictator biography as well as the history of European film. He watched many imported international films as they came out, including those by Chaplin and the Marx brothers, and his cinema-going was an escape during dark times. Mussolini was mainly interested in film as a tool for education and propaganda, which included projecting his own image as a national hero, busy statesman and family man. Feature films presented the Italian past as a model of the fascist present and its Herculean heroes as anticipations of Mussolini. Whereas Mussolini delegated tasks related to the film industry, preferring a merely ceremonial role, Hitler was heavily involved in film production. Stalin took state control to the next level, educating his filmmakers in how to display Soviet reality in all its diversity. Stalin was behind a series of films which glorified his own autarchy and chose which actors would play himself.

FSU professor's 'Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler' sheds new light on three of the 20th century's bloodiest rulers. Mortal enemies in life, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin are forever linked in death. Under their leadership, Hitler's Nazi Germany and Stalin's Communist Soviet Union engaged in a war of annihilation and genocide, introducing to the world a level of state-sanctioned barbarism that is unrivaled in human history. A new book by Florida State University historian Robert Gellately shows how another murderous dictator of the early 20th century—one who, until now, has largely escaped the condemnation of history—was in fact the creator of many of the brutal methods later perfected by those who came after him. Knopf Inc.


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    In November, , Lenin overthrew the first democratically elected government in Russian history.

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