Song of fire and ice theories

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song of fire and ice theories

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Published 25.12.2018

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Game of Thrones Song of Fire and Ice Theory

George R. Martin's new book, Fire and Blood, recounts the years of Targaryen history before the events of Game of Thrones. But it also has plenty of potential fodder for theories directly tied to the time period we know and love on the show. As an in-universe textbook by an Archmaester named Gyldayn, we can't take everything in Fire and Blood as fact. He's writing down history that happened centuries before he was alive, and a lot of accurate information has been lost to time. This means that, though he may not look it, Gendry has blood of the dragon in him — which could have all sorts of implications.

Wise to the ways of our master, George R. Martin, we've grown suspicious over the years. In a saga where the same character can go by a dozen names, where identities are confused, hidden, and disguised, and where the dead can - quite literally - walk, we've learned not to take anything on trust. A character gets an axe to the head? They'll turn up a chapter later. A prophecy foretells certain doom?

With the final season of Game of Thrones quickly approaching, we can't help but wonder how the series will answer the boatload of questions we've incurred over the last seven seasons. Our search for answers has led us to some pretty wild theories , especially when it comes to answering the most important question of all: How will Westeros defeat the White Walkers? After all, if the Night King's army isn't defeated in some way, any battle over the Iron Throne is considered moot because everyone will be Wight chow. Luckily Reddit user typinginmybed has suggested a method that we hadn't considered before: music. As typinginmybed notes, we've seen the White Walkers go down when they're met with weapons that involve magic, like dragon glass which George R. Martin confirmed to be magic , Valyrian magic-infused steel, and dragon fire magical creatures. So what if they could be defeated by another type of magic that we've witnessed, but never really given much attention to — like the spell-like power of song?

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Game of Thrones theory crafting is more like poker than blackjack. With this story I think you need to be more like a poker player, which is not reading the cards, but reading the people, or person, and in this case that person is the author; George R. I do however read everything he writes multiple times , and most interviews he has done. There are certain things he brings up over and over again. He likes to to use the real world comparison of Jimmy Carter, someone Martin believes was the best person to ever be President in his lifetime, but who was completely ineffective in the position.


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