Stop and frisk watch android app

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stop and frisk watch android app

Stop & Frisk by Sheryl Sorrentino

As bouncer, it’s Paulie’s job to protect pole dancers, break up brawls, and pat down the illegal farm workers and drug dealers who patronize Insanidád, a roadside “gentlemen’s club” on the outskirts of Modesto, California. But Paulie won’t rest until he finds out who killed his brother, Lloyd, a young pharmacist gunned down in his prime.

By day, Paulie inhabits a camper where he talks to Lloyd’s ashes, lusts after his ex-girlfriend, and indulges an unbalanced neighbor who believes her father’s spirit is haunting her. By night, Paulie fends off the cagey Colombian drug lawyer about to marry his beloved ex (the bartender) and take over her father’s club. Unearthing the guarded secret between his unhinged neighbor and soon-to-be boss leads Paulie down a calamitous path of jealousy, recklessness, and unexpected redemption.

Sheryl Sorrentino’s fifth novel exposes strip club life through the eyes of a street-smart “everyman” struggling for closure and kinship.
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How to Make an Android App for Beginners

The NYPD is one of the most technologically advanced police departments in the world.
Sheryl Sorrentino

A First Look At The NYCLU's New Stop & Frisk App

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Today the New York Civil Liberties Union is releasing a free smartphone app that will allow users to record and report interactions with the police and submit them directly to the organization in real time. There are three main features: Record, Listen, and Report. Listen broadcasts the phone's location to other users and prompts a text alert when people in their vicinity are being stopped by the police, and Report allows the user to describe the encounter they witnessed. We were able to use every function besides Listen there are no other users at the moment , and all worked smoothly. The app's settings also allow the user to input their name, phone number, and email, but a disclaimer warns, "There may be situations where the NYCLU may be legally required to disclose this information, such as when the NYCLU receives a subpoena. That concern is a real one, especially considering that the Manhattan DA's office has subpoenaed Twitter accounts of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

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In an effort to empower those citizens, the organization has launched a smartphone app called Stop and Frisk Watch. The app allows the user to instantly begin recording an encounter with a police officer with their smartphone. After the recording stops, the app prompts the user to fill out a survey detailing the location, ethnicity of the person stopped, and the officer's name, all of which is sent directly to the NYCLU. There's also a Listen function that allows others to receive alerts when other users have activated the app during a police stop. The organization has even posted a video below offering instructions on how to use the app. At a time when the [Mayor] Bloomberg administration vigorously defends the status quo, our app will allow people to go beyond the data to document how each unjustified stop further corrodes trust between communities and law enforcement.

Stop and Frisk Watch app allows bystanders to fully document stop-and-frisk. A new smartphone app lets New York City residents film police searches on the street and pings them when searches take place nearby. Download your state's mobile justice app. The Stop and Frisk app available in the following states. Civil liberties campaigners have unveiled a mobile phone app that will allow users to document police stops in New York and immediately. Van Anden designed for the New York Civil.



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    Similar to Stop and Frisk Watch

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    Stop and Frisk Watch” is a free and innovative smart phone application that The app is available in English on both Android and iPhone devices and Spanish .

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    Stop and Frisk Watch [iTunes link] is a mobile application designed to help citizens document police abuse stemming from the New York Police Department 's controversial criminal prevention program commonly referred to as "stop and frisk.

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    'Stop and Frisk Watch' Android App Keeps Tabs on NYPD Stops

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