Pros and cons of self publishing music

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pros and cons of self publishing music

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Published 26.12.2018

Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing

The Pros & Cons of Signing a Publishing Deal

For most songwriters in the early stages of their careers, the idea of being hired as a staff songwriter for a publishing company is close to the Holy Grail. It represents that coveted prize of industry recognition and validation of your talent along with a gateway to cuts, movie placements and number of other exciting possibilities. However, keep in mind that wanting or entering into a relationship with a publisher in order to simply validate your talent is probably not the best approach. What is a Publishing Deal? In general terms, a typical publishing deal involves the assignment of some part of the ownership of your songs to a publishing company in exchange for a share of the royalties received by the publisher for exploitation of the songs.

Understanding music publishing can be daunting; between the different types of licenses, royalty rates and deals an artist can enter, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Read on to learn the key terms, types of licenses and about the pros and cons of entering a publishing deal. Every song consists of two basic components: the sound recording and the composition melody and lyrics. Music publishing allows you to generate money from that composition component. Before we get started, here are some basic terms to know:.

Traditional Publishing Pros

Konrath breaks down the pros and cons of self publishing versus the pros and cons of traditionally publishing. If you feel strongly that traditional publishing is still your route to success, be sure to follow the Guide to Literary Agents blog which continually offers great advice on landing a literary agent.

As the music industry continues to evolve, independent artists are making more and more noise in mainstream music. There are many companies that assist you in putting your music out worldwide. Each company comes with certain positives, however, there are also negatives that could possibly affect you and your career. They will literally pay for you to make music if you have already had an account with them for two years, and if you are able to bring in an above average amount of streams. For example they offer no marketing support, playlist plugging, etc. The added service you pay for includes them collecting your royalties for you and providing sync pitching where they pitch your songs for placement in TV, movies, and more this is offered for free on CD Baby. You only have to pay this fee once annually and you can upload as much music as you want.


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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Publishing by April Maguire Last Updated: Jan 9, Self-publishing is a way for authors to get their work published without using a traditional book publisher.

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