Pokemon sun and moon tips

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pokemon sun and moon tips

Pokemon Sun and Moon - The Complete Guide/Walkthrough/Tips/Tricks/Cheats - Expanded Edition by Fahasha Center

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7 Tips & Tricks to catch 'em all in Pokemon Sun and Moon - Austin John Plays

Get off to a great start in the the Alola region with our essential Pokémon Sun and Moon tips.
Fahasha Center

Pokemon Sun and Moon tips and tricks

This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will give you all the info you need to become a master Pokemon trainer. This time you're tasked with catching 'em all in beautiful Alola, an island that emulates Hawaii with its climate, its culture, and even its biodiversity. There's even a team of goons that are up to no good. For one thing, Gyms and Gym leaders are replaced by islands and Trial Captains who expect you to earn your badge by surmounting challenges and tasks. For example, instead of teaching an Onix "Strength" to help you knock down obstructing boulders, you're gifted with a Tauros you can hop on and order to knock down obstacles. Similarly, you fly from place to place with a Charizard, swim between islands with a Lapras, and use a Mudsdale to walk across rocky areas. When you take an island challenge, the challenge's captain asks you to perform a task, e.

Alola, fellow trainers. Rowlet, Litten and Popplio all make fine additions to a burgeoning squad, though they end up having different strengths by the time they reach their final evolution. Decidueye is more of a mixed attacker, Incineroar hits hard with a high attack stat, and Primarina has good special attack and defense, respectively. Just follow your heart. For tactical purposes, it might be worth checking out this online team planner , which can tell you about the elemental weaknesses your team needs to watch out for. Some moves should also be reserved for taking care of a wider set of threats. Some moves are used more than others.

It's especially useful when you've got to face a more powerful version of something you've seen earlier, so keep an eye on those indicators. Scan some QR codes. We've had great success doing this around the first island, catching critters like Chikorita and Bulbasaur. Don't expect to see non-Alolan variants. Although some trainers will have them to battle against you, including the normal version of Vulpix, but we haven't seen them anywhere in the game. Not all Z-Moves are equal.

Learn evolutions

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Jump to navigation. Fear not. In general, focus on making your already good stats even better. A defense buff on a tank will prevent even super-effective moves from making a dent. That way, you are unlikely to run into an opposing trainer that can wipe your team with one counter-pick.

The adventure across the Alola region's islands should be a welcome addition to the series, and promises to introduce trainers old and new to some fantastic beasts, colorful settings, and interesting people. Still, it's helpful to have some rudimentary knowledge of the matchups. At one point in the game, you'll come across a beach with Pyukumukus spread out across the sand. This might seem cruel, but it's really a kindness since, according to Polygon , the little guys are in danger of starving to death if they remain in the same spot on the beach. Earning that much money while saving these noble creatures is a fine way to spend your time and should make you feel the warm fuzzies while lining your pockets. There are a total of Zygarde elements to collect across the Alola region, so you're going to have to keep an eye out for shiny objects in the environment. Once you get past the introductory portion of the game, you'll get a new menu option called the QR Scanner.


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