I feel empty and bored

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i feel empty and bored

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Published 26.12.2018

The Simple Cure for Loneliness - Baya Voce - TEDxSaltLakeCity

If You Always Feel Bored In Your 20s, Science Says You're Not Alone

Show less Do you wake up in the morning feeling like there's no good reason to get up and face the day? Emptiness is a feeling all humans experience from time to time, and it's not easy to pull yourself away from it. Feeling empty all or most of the time can be a symptom of an underlying condition, such as depression, and you should seek the help of a licensed mental health professional if you almost always feel empty. But to stop feeling empty when the sensation only bubbles up occasionally, there are simple things you can do yourself, such as journaling, trying new things, and making new friends. Filling your life with love and finding meaning in daily living should help ward away temporary feelings of emptiness and may even help if you're striving to recover from long-term emptiness.

All of these paradoxes have made me feel, well, bored. Pickhardt, Ph. D, a psychologist and author of 15 books on parenting, I'm not alone. In his Psychology Today article, Dr. They might turn to drugs or other forms of intoxication. Or, on a more innocuous level, they might entertain themselves with mindless TV shows, movies or websites. And they don't address the specific kind of boredom.

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Many of us feel empty in different ways. For instance, you might feel empty because something is missing in your life, said Kaitlyn Slight, a marriage and family therapist in Raleigh, N. This might be emptiness from a loved one moving or passing away, she said. You might stop caring for yourself while focusing on your career. For instance, you might stop moving your body or getting enough sleep.

Feeling empty is a strange and uncomfortable sensation. It can be momentary, situational, or if long-lasting, a symptom of a serious condition. This emptiness can feel unfulfilling, confusing, and upsetting. This article will explore some of the common causes of feeling empty and provide tools to help you identify and work through this. It might sound strange, but emptiness is a feeling or emotion.


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