Mother earth and father time

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mother earth and father time

Mother Earth, Father Time: A Novella by Kit Duane

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Published 26.12.2018

Mother Earth and Father Time (From the 1973 Charlotte's Web)

Mother Earth and Father Time

She had been a natural beauty Her face a face of dreams Her only wrinkles were Like clean and laughing streams. Now, that face is different Her skin no longer glows Pollution mars that lovely face Fracking scars it deep below. But her greatest worries aren't her looks Her children are instead For like all other mothers She knows they must be fed. She had given them full use Of all her wondrous bounty But instead of thankfulness They had behaved quite badly. Many billions to be fed Fighting for barest rations It felt like just too much for her A dreadful situation. Una M. Thomas says she enjoys "writing about family and special people I meet, and those special people are usually veterans.

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April 22, Floods, droughts, pollution, increased winds, forest fires, heat waves…. They are costing us and our businesses more, they are damaging our property, and impacting our life plans. One would say they knew what they were up against before the UNISDR, and knew they needed a focus on how to deal with the coming chaos. Even then I was told that if we started at that very moment, it would take years to stop the ticking time bomb and turn the boat around.


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