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Published 26.12.2018

My Healthy Cook Book Review

Bake Off's Ruby vs the Hemsleys: the bad science behind 'clean' eating

It is a media-coined term. We have never really engaged with that. We never talk about weight, diets, calorie-counting. No one really knows what it means. Otherwise we are all trolling this word that none of us really know what it means anyway.

It may be fashion month, but here at Grazia HQ we are also busy celebrating the fact that we are 10 years old. To honour the occasion we are hosting a celebratory exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in central London it's open to the public so do pop in , and with it, beginning a series of TenTalks check out all the info on the forthcoming talks here with the industry's biggest movers and shakers. The days of fad diets are on their way out, and healthy eating means something entirely different than it did ten years ago. In the last few years the healthy food industry has seen a massive surge of interest, largely thanks to the rise of food bloggers and writers such as our Grazia10 panellists. People are beginning to understand and place importance on the correlation between what they eat and how they feel. Indeed, during the recession, health eating cookbooks were the only thing that saw an increase in sales. And, while there may be numerous contradictory dialogues on the importance of eating meat, the use of butter and so on, there are a few main principles that everyone agrees on.

Despite changing the lives and health of thousands if not millions of people around the world, it seems clean eating is currently in the firing line. The backlash against the poster girls of the movement - Deliciously Ella, Hemsley and Hemsley etc - is well underway, with last night's Horizon documentary, Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth, piling on too. The BBC 2 show, presented by Dr Giles Yeo, saw the movement labelled a 'diet craze', a 'fad' and a 'social media sensation' - but what on earth is wrong with eating fresh, wholesome food and avoiding processed rubbish? The show was entirely one-sided with no examination or mention of how clean eating has actually helped people with health concerns or just made them feel better, healthier and good about themselves. Even Ella herself, who was extensively featured on the show, has distanced herself from 'clean eating', despite being one of the founders of the movement, saying it's no longer seen as being about 'natural' food like it once was. The problem that people have with the phrase 'clean eating' is more to do with semantics and misconceptions rather than clean eating itself.

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Fill in the form below and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Fill in the form below and someone from our events team will get back to you as soon as possible. Perfect for work lunches, this recipe simply requires you to add hot water when ready to eat. As September rolls around, we want to share a few tips for staying mindful while also maintaining our energy levels. These high-protein, low carb buns look and tastes like real bread!

Where do you live? Jasmine and her boyfriend Nick Hopper photographer and third member of the team both modelled for over 15 years and naturally, modelling makes you conscious of health, skin and wellbeing. Jasmine was lucky enough to work regularly with many of the same shoot teams who would humour her constant excitement about food and health and all wanted in on the action. We were cooking for clients, clearing out their cupboards, filling up their fridges and freezers and showing them how to cook our recipes. Within two weeks of launching our own blog, we were asked to contribute recipes to vogue.


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    HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY is Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley. They use whole, organic, nutrient-filled ingredients to create delicious recipes free of grain, gluten .

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