Mixing and mastering electronic music

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mixing and mastering electronic music

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Published 27.12.2018

Mixing and Mastering A Trap Song

Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music in 2019

Medway Studios, based in London, offers professional mastering catering to both producers and labels within the electronic music community. You leave with the results you are looking for via expertise and high customer service. Great care is taken from evaluating the needs of your music through completion of the master. To ensure the highest sound quality, analogue mastering , coupled with the best digital mastering plugins and software, is used. Listen to before and after samples comparing mastered and unmastered versions of each song.

It's In The Detail...

Mixing Dance Music: Luca Pretolesi Shares Tricks + Secrets

Approach A: Teach yourself, watch hundreds of tutorials, collaborate, network, and do as much work as possible. This is how most producers do it. In fact, this is exactly how I got started. The upside? You will be accountable for yourself. With all the free content out there, you could theoretically learn how to make amazing sounding music without ever spending a dime on education.

Take these with a grain of salt, and please take the time to experiment and learn for yourself. The purpose of this is to give you some ideas to help you improve your work. Feel free to share this article to anyone you think will benefit from it. Want to improve your overall production workflow? Check out my FREE book. The first 10 tips are about preparation, that is — preparing your track for the final mixdown, which leads to my first point. A lot of people mixdown as they go, which is great, but it helps to do a final check and clean up at the end.

Sign up for our newsletter and get tutorials and tips delivered to your inbox. When I was asked to provide tips for mixing EDM, I decided to interview a colleague of mine who knows the music better than I ever could. Andrew Eisele, on the other hand, brings over twenty years of experience to the table. This puts Andrew in an interesting position, as he boasts mixing, producing, teaching, live-sound, and sound-installation bona fides. He was gracious enough to sit down and walk me through his modus operandi, and you are about to be the beneficiary of this conversation.


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