I sing of olaf glad and big meaning

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i sing of olaf glad and big meaning

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Published 27.12.2018

ee cummings: i sing of olaf glad and big

i sing of Olaf glad and big

Not many high-school students know this e. Most high schools have banned the poem. Not only does it contain the words " shit " and " fuck " but also the images it produces of Olaf being tortured are quite obscene. Finally, it is a poem of nonconformity. I doubt an education system , which relies upon complete conformity , would want to send this message across to its students.

This poem really speaks to my heart, Im doing this for my second grade project and analyzing the poetic devices and it is really amazing how Cummings was so nice to everybody. I really like fried rice as well.
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Christ of His mercy infinite i pray to see;and Olaf,too. Cummings Trust. Firmage, from The Complete Poems: by E. Reprinted by permission of Liveright Publishing Corporation. All rights reserved.


  1. Taiana M. says:

    The poem 'i sing of Olaf glad and big' by Cummings is a typical poem based on Cummings's experience in the army. It is an ironic retelling of the torture and death of a conscientious objector during World War I. The character Olaf in the poem was a soldier in another barrack when.

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