David astle letters and numbers

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david astle letters and numbers

Puzzled: Secrets and Clues from a Life Lost in Words by David Astle

Many a puzzle solver has battled against the devilish mind of long-time crossword maker and wordaholic David Astle, known to many as DA.

In Puzzled he holds out a helping hand to the lost and perplexed taking us on a personal tour into the secret life of words. Clue by clue, chapter by chapter, we step through a central puzzle, uncovering and unravelling word-secrets as we go. The Steve Irwin Fluke, the Swastika Accident, the Abracadabra Pyramid - hidden meanings, anagrams, reversals - all the Dark Arts are finally revealed.

More than a how-to manual, more than a memoir, Puzzled enlightens us about cryptics and delights in the quirky realm of wordplay. It is a book for word junkies everywhere.
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Letters and Numbers (Countdown) (AUS) (20 Aug 2010) - 9 Letter Magic (Part 2)

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How to be a champion word puzzler in 20 quick bites! Packed with word puzzles, tongue twisters and brain teasers, this book will give readers all the ingredients they need to solve cryptic crosswords. David Astle is a full-time word nerd. Many will know him as the dictionary man on the TV show Letters and Numbers. He also devises a weekly 'Wordplay' newspaper column, plus a newsy anagram game on Sunday radio. Between puzzles, he's written half a dozen wordy-nerdy books for adults, including Riddledom , Cluetopia and Puzzled. Teachers Reviews.

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Love this nifty puzzle from Graham Hanlon, a maths teacher with a dangerous flair for wordplay. Beware all browsers, if you wish to figure out the code on you lonesome, then I suggest you resist the Comments, as all comers are welcome to identify the group. And can you construct your own encoded list? Thanks to GH for the puzzle. A deft roll-call. And if you have a puzzle to share, send it in.

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    David Astle (born 9 November ) is an Australian TV personality and radio host and writer of non-fiction, fiction and plays. He also co-hosted the SBS Television (SBS) show Letters and Numbers.

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    He sets mindbending crosswords every week for the Melbourne daily, delighting and frustrating the city's cruciverbalists in equal measure.

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