Coco chanel and igor stravinsky review

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coco chanel and igor stravinsky review

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky by Chris Greenhalgh

Coco Chanel and Composer Igor Stravinsky.
Their love affair inspired their art.
Their art defined an era.

In 1913, at the premiere of Igor Stravinskys Rite of Spring, the young couturiere Coco Chanel witnesses the birth of a musical revolution- one that, like her designs, rips down the artifice of the old regime and ushers in something profoundly modern. Seven years later, she invites Stravinsky and his family, now exiled from their Russian homeland, for a summer at her villa, and the powerful charge between them ignites into a deep love affair. As Stravinsky enjoys a new burst of creativity and Chanel brings forth her own revolutionary creation-the perfume Chanel No. 5-their love threatens to overtake work, family and life.
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Reading The Movie: Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky by Chris Greenhalgh

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky

Eric Kohn. A fictionalization of the rumored liaison between Chanel Anna Mouglalis and the famed Russian composer Mads Mikkelsen in the s, this spare, elegantly-made period piece creates a visually dazzling portrait of misguided passion. Instead, we get continuous overstatement: Sex! Tortured artists having sex! The resulting experience is high culture in tabloid terms. Stravinsky, broke and struggling to support his family and his profession, hesitantly accepts an invite from Chanel to live in her lavish villa while completing his latest composition. But the killer art direction amounts to little more than affluence porn.

They ring the bell at the front garden gate and stand in the shadows, afraid to approach the great man when he appears in the doorway in that famous hook-nosed silhouette. The movie begins with one of the epic moments of cultural modernism, the notorious first night of the Ballet Russe production of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring on 29 May in Paris. Stravinsky was 31, the son of a well-off, middle-class, Russian family, firmly established as a composer with The Firebird and Petrushka behind him. Coco Chanel, a year his junior, was the product of a provincial French orphanage and had worked as a dressmaker and singer before creating her own innovative fashion house in Paris under the patronage of a rich French playboy and the British industrialist Arthur "Boy" Capel. On this historic night, Coco, played by the regal Chanel model Anna Mouglalis, is in the fashionable haut-bourgeois audience, as is an extremely agitated Stravinsky the formidable Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. What we witness is a magnificent recreation of the ballet, a pagan rite accompanied by a dissonant modern score, that Diaghilev produced, Nijinsky choreographed, Nicholas Roerich designed and Pierre Monteux conducted. The film brings back vividly the initial response: an audience divided between the affronted and the partisan; Nijinsky shouting instructions to the dancers; Diaghilev switching the house lights on and off supposedly to calm spectators though the effect was to heighten the tension ; Stravinsky denouncing everyone; the police called in to restore order.

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. Christoffer and Maja's trip to Prague to bring back Chistoffer's deceased father evolves into the story of a break-up. In the wake of the events that follow, secrets gradually emerge which threaten to destroy their marriage.

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In spite of a plethora of dramatic flaws icy performances, sloppy temporal transitions, and a lackadaisical third act , the movie must be conservatively applauded for attempting to render the epochal premiere of The Rite of Spring with not only accuracy of espirit if not quite material details , but an unprecedented sympathy toward virtually every apocryphal permutation of the event that has been subsequently asserted. A Steadicam first races through a collage of dressing room interactions and backstage hesitations, light-headedly capturing the widespread intimidation toward the material felt by the Ballet Russes and their orchestra. - Forgot your password?

To those who work at her fashion house, she is an unremittingly severe taskmaster. You can understand the mutual fascination of these two, each of whom is more than a little monstrous. Their biggest similarity, both acknowledge, is that the sources of their creativity are the vibrations of notes and the feel of fabric, not ideas worked out on paper. Fights broke out, the police were called, and Stravinsky sank into sulky despondence. After its opening salvo, the movie narrows its focus to the treacherous psychology of a relationship that begins when the already successful Chanel invites the still impecunious Stravinsky and his family to stay in her villa outside Paris. World War I, perfunctorily dispensed with in an abrupt, unsatisfying montage of old newsreels, has already come and gone.


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    The composer Igor Stravinsky and the designer Coco Chanel, defining influences on 20th century taste, consummated their attraction some seven years after they first met, perhaps because each had become so autonomous that the challenge became irresistible.

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