Elizabeth taylor and richard burton

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elizabeth taylor and richard burton

Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century by Sam Kashner

The definitive story of Hollywoods most famous couple.

He was a tough-guy Welshman softened by the affections of a breathtakingly beautiful woman; she was a modern-day Cleopatra madly in love with her own Mark Antony. For nearly a quarter of a century, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were Hollywood royalty, and their fiery romance—often called the marriage of the century—was the most notorious, publicized, and celebrated love affair of its day.

For the first time, Vanity Fair contributing editor Sam Kashner and acclaimed biographer Nancy Schoenberger tell the complete story of this larger-than-life couple, showing how their romance and two marriages commanded the attention of the world. Also for the first time, in exclusive access given to the authors, Elizabeth Taylor herself gives never-revealed details and firsthand accounts of her life with Burton.

Drawing upon brand-new information and interviews—and on Burtons private, passionate, and heartbreaking letters to Taylor—Furious Love sheds new light on the movies, the sex, the scandal, the fame, the brawls, the booze, the bitter separations, and, of course, the fabled jewels. It offers an intimate glimpse into Elizabeth and Richards privileged world and their elite circle of friends, among them Princess Grace, Montgomery Clift, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Peter OToole, Michael Caine, Marlon Brando, Rex Harrison, Mike Nichols, Laurence Olivier, Robert Kennedy, Tennessee Williams, Noël Coward, John Huston, Ava Gardner, the Rothschilds, Maria Callas, and Aristotle Onassis. It provides an entertaining, eye-opening look at their films, their wildly lucrative reign in Europe and in Hollywood—and the price they paid for their extravagant lives.

Shocking and unsparing in its honesty, Furious Love explores the very public marriage of Liz and Dick as well as the private struggles of Elizabeth and Richard, including Le Scandale, their affair on the set of the notorious epic Cleopatra that earned them condemnation from the Vatican; Burtons hardscrabble youth in Wales; the crippling alcoholism that nearly destroyed his career and contributed to his early death; the medical issues that plagued both him and Elizabeth; and the failed aspirations and shame that haunted him throughout their relationship. As Kashner and Schoenberger illuminate the events and choices that shaped this illustrious couples story, they demonstrate how the legendary pair presaged Americas changing attitudes toward sex, marriage, morality, and celebrity. Yet ultimately, as the authors show, Elizabeth and Richard shared something priceless beyond the drama: enduring love.

Addictive and entertaining, Furious Love is more than a celebrity biography; its an honest yet sympathetic portrait of a man, a woman, and a passion that shocked and mesmerized the world.
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Elizabeth Taylor - The Love of Her Life

A Look Back at Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s Romance

She began her career as a child actress in the early s, and was one of the most popular stars of classical Hollywood cinema in the s. She continued her career successfully into the s, and remained a well-known public figure for the rest of her life. In , the American Film Institute named her the seventh- greatest female screen legend. Born in London to socially prominent American parents, Taylor moved with her family to Los Angeles in She made her acting debut in a minor role in the Universal Pictures film There's One Born Every Minute but the studio ended her contract after a year.


After meeting on the set of Cleopatra in the early '60s, actress Elizabeth Taylor and actor Richard Burton began one of the most publicized and turbulent love stories of all time, captivating millions with their on-again, off-again relationship. Despite the drama, they shared a love that was deep and fierce, the kind of love that can often be as destructive as it is beautiful. When Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first met on the set of Cleopatra in Rome, they were instantly smitten with each other, despite both being married—Taylor to her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher, who she "stole" from Debbie Reynolds in one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the s. Here, Taylor and Burton are pictured relaxing on a speedboat in Ischia after filming wrapped, the start of their extravagant love affair. After their yacht outing was published in the tabloids, the public became obsessed with Taylor and Burton's budding romance. The paparazzi stopped at nothing to catch the couple on camera, flocking to the star's Appian Way villa. Here, one photographer is pictured climbing a tree to find the perfect camera angle.

It was a love affair matched only in fiction. She was the ultimate Hollywood star, he the greatest Shakespearian actor of his generation. Mesmerising apart, irresistible together. Theirs was an affair spelled out in his remarkable, vivid letters and diary entries, and in jewels -- including the pear-shaped First given by the Indian emperor who built the Taj Mahal to his young bride, and engraved with the message "Eternal Love Til Death", Richard Burton outbid Aristotle Onassis for what was then the largest, most expensive diamond in the world -- tangible proof of the love in which he invested so much. The remarkable affair with Elizabeth Taylor was so all-consuming that it nearly did for them both, financially and physically.

Perhaps the most passionate, yet destructive, love affair in history was the one between actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The pair first got to know one another in , on the set of "Cleopatra. The Welsh Burton, 38, had been married to his first wife, Sybil, since [source: Biography ]. Liz and Dick quickly became inseparable, and by March 7, , had divorced their respective spouses and married one another [source: Cahalan ]. The Hollywood power couple worked on 11 movies together, received Oscar nominations and made millions. But both also battled addictions to booze and drugs, so despite their passion and devotion, their marriage was stormy. The couple divorced in , remarried in and divorced again in [source: Cahalan ].


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