Crime and punishment part 5

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crime and punishment part 5

Classics and the Western Canon - Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment: Part 5 Showing 1-41 of 41

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Audiobook 3: Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Part 3 - Full - Audio Books Classic 2

Luzhin has told his roommate, Andrei Semyonovich Lebezyatnikov, about the disastrous meeting with the Raskolnikovs.

Crime and Punishment

Lebezyatnikov has come with the information that Katerina has been evicted from her apartment, has gone mad, and is now wandering madly around the town with the children dressed in outlandish and absurd costumes. She is forcing them to sing and beg from strangers. Her speech is virtually incoherent, and her behavior is incomprehensible. Sonya rushes to her but suddenly, Rodya feels repulsed by Sonya and questions himself why he had come to her. Raskolnikov returns to his room where he finds Dunya waiting for him. She explains that she better understands his situation because Razumihkin explained how Raskolnikov is troubled by the police and their false suspicions.

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Part V: Chapters I–IV

Dostoyevsky, F. Part 5, Chapter 1. Crime and Punishment Lit2Go Edition. Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. Lit2Go Edition.

All rights reserved. It's the morning after for Luzhin — the morning after getting dumped. His "vanity" positively aches. But he's coming to terms with the reality of it. Luzhin thinks he can find somebody else to marry him, maybe even somebody "better" than Dounia. He's with Andrey Semyonovitch, at his place, where Luzhin has been crashing.


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    Crime and Punishment Summary. Meanwhile, he and Lebezyatnikov have been invited to the memorial dinner that Katerina Ivanovna, who lives in the same building, is holding for Marmeladov. Turning to Sonya, he accuses her of stealing a one-hundred-ruble note.

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