Akbarnama and ain i akbari

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akbarnama and ain i akbari

The Akbarnama by Abu al-Fazal ibn Mubarak

The Akburnama is the official record of the rule of Akbar, third Mughal Emperor, written at his behest by court historian Abul Fazl. Beginning with a history of the Timur Dynasty, the three-volume history goes on to chronicle in vivid detail the events of Akbars reign, including an overview of Hindu culture, religion, and philosophy for the edification of his Muslim readers. Henry Beveridges English translation was completed in 1921, more than two decade after he began.
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The court of Akbar, an illustration from a manuscript of the Akbarnama. The Ain-i- Akbari (Persian: آئینِ اکبری ) or the "Administration of Akbar", is a 16th-century.
Abu al-Fazal ibn Mubarak

The Ain I Akbari

Abul Fazl and Fyzee were the choicest glories of the court of Akbar. Irrespective of their religious and spiritual views and conduct and the harm they did thereby to the cause of Islam in India, they were without a doubt among the most outstanding men of their time not only in India but the whole literary world. Both of them were gifted with exceptional mental faculties, a rare love for learning and an extraordinary poetic and literary taste and aptitude. Says Carra de Vaux of Akbar Nama :. A study of it reveals that all the fields of human existence have been thoroughly examined and the conclusions thus reached have been critically arranged and analysed.

Ain-i-Akbari is actually the third volume of a much larger Persian document, the Akbarnama composed by Abuul Fazl. Ain-i-Akbari itself is a three-volume work, and the material offered in this set represents the first volume of that three-volume work. Included in this collection are the Persian text of the original, along with the English translation of Heinrich Blochmann. The contents of this important historical work consist of administrative documents, statistical records, and even gazetteers. Comprising five separate volumes, this set contains a wealth of information for the student of Persian and of the history of India. Heinrich Blochmann was a German Orientalist who accomplished much in his short life. Moving to English to enlist in the military for a chance to travel to India, once he arrived and finished his tour of duty he began an active academic life.

The third volume is named Ā'īn-i-Akbarī, and details the (Āin-i-Akbarī, translated by Heinrich Blochmann and.
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It is now in the Hazarduari Palace , India. The Ain-i-Akbari is the third volume of the Akbarnama containing information on Akbar's reign in the form of administrative reports, similar to a gazetteer. The Ain-i-Akbari is divided into five books. The first book called manzil-abadi deals with the imperial household and its maintenance, and the second called sipah-abadi, with the servants of the emperor, military and civil services. The third deals with imperial administration, containing regulations for the judiciary and the executive. The fourth contains information on Hindu philosophy, science, social customs and literature. The fifth contains sayings of Akbar, [3] along with an account of the ancestry and biography of the author.


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