Mary queen of scots and francis

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mary queen of scots and francis

The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots by Carolly Erickson

Ericksons latest *historical entertainment* (her words) covers the life of Mary Queen of Scots from the time she was married to Francis and became Queen Consort of France, her return to Scotland as Queen after she is widowed, her marriage to the despicable Darnley and his murder, her subsequent marriage to Bothwell and her eventual imprisonment by Elizabeth I. Its all known history and I neednt spend much time rehashing it because Erickson totally reinvents it anyway - and quite badly I might add.

***Spoiler warning - that is if anyone really cares***

Lets see, where shall I begin? The prologue wherein Bothwell and their invented by Erickson secret daughter that no one knew existed witness Marys execution (!!)? The Queen of France dressing up as a peasant and going to taverns to spy on Bothwell (!!). More? Bothwell dressing up as a peddler and visiting Mary off and on during her captivity (remember now, history says he was imprisoned and died in Denmark)? Better yet, he’s able to get her alone in the stillroom and make whoopee (!!). More? Representatives from the Pope manage to get Mary away from where she was being held and take her to Rome where she meets with the Pope and they plan a crusade to oust Elizabeth from the throne (no, I am not making this up). Of course the plot fails when Don John is called back to save Rome from the Infidels and the whole army just ups and leaves her alone and she has to travel back to grandmammas home all by herself on a horse (maybe I missed something but I swear she was alone - not even a lady or two to attend her).

Id go on, but you get the picture. Perhaps there are people who like their history made up and ridiculous but Ive yet to meet one. Worse yet, this made up history is so badly written with no character development, poor dialogue - egad Bothwells nickname for her is Orange Blossom (ugh).

Ill just finish this off with a few quotes from the authors notes,

Readers eager to uncover the factual truth of the past, that ever elusive goal of historians, must look elsewhere than in these pages, where thick-coming fancies crowd out sober evidence and whimsy prevails.

Whimsy? WTF?

Yet in whimsy, at times, is to be found a richer truth than in the tantalizingly fragmented, often untrustworthy historical record.

Hate to say it, but this isnt even entertaining. Its just bad, unbelievably bad. Only if the library has it and youre looking for a good laugh or a sleeping pill. Seriously.
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Francis Valois (with Mary Stuart) - Facts

The life of Mary Queen of Scots – Married 3 times, imprisoned and her untimely end

She was briefly Queen of France, and became Queen of Scotland from her infancy. Mary's choices in marriage were questionable and tragic, and she was accused of plotting to overthrow Elizabeth. Born in , the young Mary was sent to France when she was five years old to be raised with her future husband, Francis — Mary was queen consort from July , when Francis became king at the death of his father, Henry II, until December , when the always-sickly Francis died. Mary impetuously married her cousin, Henry Stuart Lord Darnley — against the wishes of Scottish nobles.

Mary became Queen of Scots when she was less than a week old, on the death of her father, James in December Crowned at nine months, she was in the charge first of the Earl of Arran and then of her redoubtable mother, Mary of Guise, who was from one of the most powerful aristocratic families in France. A Roman Catholic and regent from , she had to contend with both the rising tide of Protestantism in Scotland and the machinations of the English who had tried to force a marriage between the baby queen and Edward Tudor, the young heir to the English throne. It was not a prospect Mary of Guise could tolerate and in the five-year-old Mary was sent to her grandmother Antoinette of Guise in France, where her Scottish entourage was considered appallingly barbarous and swiftly got rid of, and she was brought up as a Catholic Frenchwoman. French became her first language, she always called herself Marie Stuart and she loved dancing and hunting. She grew up delightfully charming, graceful and attractive, the French fell in love with her and Henry II of France resolved to marry her to his son and heir, the sickly dauphin Francis.

Source: Universal Pictures. So if you are looking for some historically accurate facts, here are eight interesting tidbits about the tumultuous life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Source: Giphy. The marriage treaty was later broken off as Scottish Lords wanted an alliance with a fellow Catholic country. Source: Wikipedia. Mary was a keen golfer and is noted as the first female in history to play the sport.

He was also King consort of Scotland as a result of his marriage to Mary, Queen of Scots , from until his death in He ascended the throne of France at the age of fifteen after the accidental death of his father, Henry II , in
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She briefly became queen consort in France before returning to Scotland. Forced to abdicate by Scottish nobles in , Mary sought the protection of England's Queen Elizabeth I , who instead had her arrested. Mary spent the remainder of her life in captivity until her execution. Elizabeth I was Mary's cousin. Her mother, however, ended up acting as regent on Mary's behalf. Scottish Catholics, however, objected to this plan, since England had separated from the Catholic Church.


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