Pick and roll youth basketball

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pick and roll youth basketball

Pick and Roll by Kelsey Blair

Jazz Smith-Mohapatra is the toughest and best player on her basketball team -- and this year shes determined to lead the team to a championship win. But in the last game of the regular season, Jazz sets an offensive move called a pick and roll. A player on the other team doesnt see it coming; she crashes into Jazz, and then onto the floor. Though its a play that Jazz has done many times, shes never hurt anyone before. Now theres going to be a Fair Play Commission hearing to determine whether the play was legal or not. But even worse than the possibility of being suspended for the playoffs, Jazzs teammates are suddenly questioning her physical style of play and whether the team can make it all the way to the pennant without her. [Fry reading level - 3.0]
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Screen and Roll Basketball Pre Game Warmup Drills - Basketball Pre Game Drills

Basketball Plays - High Pick and Roll Set

Point guards definitely need to know how to use various on-ball screens. Repeating basic pick-and-roll drills from various angles and areas of the basketball court is a great way to develop this competency. A basic pick-and-roll drill that you can use for this purpose is to give your point guard the ball and have him use a screen or "pick" set just outside the elbow at the three-point line. He will be guarded, as will the screener. One key point is for the guard to establish an effective angle to the screen. The correct angle will have him brushing by the screener's shoulder at close to a degree angle.

Stockton and Malone. Basketball plays that the the best coaches discuss through numerous basketball DVDs are designed to demonstrate how to effectively execute set plays in special situations that can determine the outcome of a game. Areas covered include man and zone plays, out-of-bounds plays, endline and sideline sets designed to score under different time situations and end-of-game plays designed to score as well as get a 3-point shot. There are DVDs with special plays for motion offenses, 4-out 1-in offense, high offense, flex offense, pick and roll offense, and others. In additon to many baseline and sideline out-of-bounds plays, some of the greatest basketball coaches today stress the importance of special situations that can often determine the outcomes of close games.

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One of the most popular tactics used in modern basketball is the on-ball screen and the Pick and Roll Drill Series looks to provide an opportunity to explore some of the options out of this two-player situation. A good on-ball screen between two athletic players can be one of the hardest tactics to deny at least some sort of scoring option to. It is also impossible if performed well for both the screener and dribbler to be fully contained with no soring option. The Pick and Roll Drill Series looks to provide a number of different options for players to explore and become familiar with. For junior players the Pick and Roll Drill Series is a great vehicle for first introducing all the options applicable to the on-ball screen situation. For senior players the drill becomes more about the instinctive reads on the run that must be mastered in order for players to take advantage of all the scoring options at the senior level of competition. The Pick and Roll Drill Series starts with players being divided into two groups.


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